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    Cannot Update Some SP2 Drivers

    Just to set the stage, this weekend I did a restore of my SP2. Afterwards I noticed that some SP2 drivers were (still) not updating, so I tried to manually update them. I downloaded the February SP2 driver pack, then started by trying to update the Surface Display Panel. It reported it was...
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    Music Play(To) Apps?

    I don't know if there are any big time network music junkies on the forum, but I am one for sure. For some background I run a Windows Home Server 2011 (WHS2011) and it stores all music, videos, and photos (and a huge amount of other stuff). I used to use the WHS2011 built-in media server but...
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    Start Menu Reviver

    I don't think I'll be using it but his new start menu alternative looks cool and appears to be both mouse and touch friendly Start Menu Reviver
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    May 14th Surface Updates

    From the MS Community web site: •UEFI firmware update enables the PXE boot feature. This feature is only available when using the Surface Pro Ethernet Adapter due to the UEFI integration needed to implement PXE boot. •Video driver that improves the Skype experience and resolves an OpenGL...
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    April 9th SP Firmware Upgrade

    FYI, a firmware upgrade is available via Windows Update today. According the MS it: Unlike the last time my firmware installed today without a hitch

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