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    HDMI Not Working on RT?

    I am having trouble getting HDMI to work. I used it initially to test functionality and had no issues. But it hasn't worked since. I've tried multiple cables and different TVs with nothing. I can plug BB Playbook in on same setup with no issues. I can't really find any setting in control panel...
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    HDMI Port on RT

    I have read that the HDMI port is proprietary with a special adapter, a la Apple. But, saw close up in video and it appeared to be a microHDMI. It wasn't the best angle, but it had the right shape. Any ideas? I haven't found a good picture and specs are not listing microHDMI. They list it as...
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    Micro SD Support on RT???

    I'm trying to figure out if I need to shell out for 64g model RT. The specs I have found online for Surface RT and Pro are vague at best. I have tried to educate myself on SD formats and I'm even more confused now. I know there is a difference between SD, SDHC and SDXC as far as storage capacity...

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