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    Surface Pro 4 Pen Help

    I have a new problem after the recent firmware update. First the pen was not recognized at all. Now in One Note 2016, I can write without even touching it to the screen. The pen is now super sensitive. I tried adjusting the sensitivity using the Surface app to no avail. Any ideas? The pen is...
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    Firmware Update

    I had to do a system restore (old way) and then reinstall the update and now it is working.
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    Firmware Update

    Tried to repair it. It was my understanding that you couldn't remove the Surface Pro 4 pen.
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    Firmware Update

    Did a System Restore and rolled back to 2 days ago before the firmware update and it works. I've about had it with this device.
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    Firmware Update

    Pen stopped working after Firmware update. It still has battery. Any ideas?
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    Wallpaper slideshow constantly resetting

    I've been having a strange problem ever since the rollout of Windows 10 to both my SP3 and SP4 (and Lenovo laptop). I have around 500 pictures stored locally that I use as wallpaper backgrounds. I have the settings set to slideshow and have selected the folder, however, it consistently resets to...
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    Windows 10 settings don't stay.

    I have this same issue on my SP4 and Lenovo laptop with the background slideshow. I constantly have to go to the run command and type in control /name Microsoft.Personalization /page pageWallpaper and select all pictures. It keeps resetting to a different folder with only a few pictures in it. I...
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    58% drain on Connected Standby over 8 hours

    I'm a MS guy...always have been. Had the Surface 2, SP3, and SP4. Even had the Lumia Icon. Each one has had issues plague it from the get go. I went back to the iPhone because it just works. Recently bought an iPad Air 1 for work and it just works. I understand they are different devices for...
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    58% drain on Connected Standby over 8 hours

    How do you set those options? I don't see Hibernate as an option in the advanced power settings?
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    58% drain on Connected Standby over 8 hours

    Could someone help me figure out what is going on here? I seem to be having issues with Connected Standby killing my battery. I lost 58% of my battery during sleep today over 8 hours. I've attached the Sleep Study report and the Battery Report. Thanks. I have wifi disabled during sleep as well.
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    Display Driver Crashing

    Haven't had any real issues, but I have had display driver crashes every time when viewing this page on Edge. France launches air strikes in Syria; Paris investigation widens I always use Chrome, but wanted to see if I would get errors as others are describing on Edge, and it seems to be the...
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    Surface Pro 4 ownership experience survey:

    I had to exchange two devices with dead pixels and finally got a good one on the third try.
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    does the SP4 heat up?

    I haven't had near the heating issues as I did with the SP3. The new heat sink design has mitigated it almost entirely.
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    Screen Issues and quality

    On my third SP4...first two had large dead pixel spots. Pretty annoying to go through that many.
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    Type Cover 4

    I purchased a new SP4 but kept my Type Cover from the SP3. When it is attached and in the angled typing position, the bottom portion of the screen is covered up. Does this issue happen with the new Type Cover, or did they change the dimensions on it so that it matches the new reduced bezel...
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    First problem encountered

    Mine seems to have resolved after turning auto brightness off...strange.
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    First problem encountered

    Picked up my SP4 i5 256GB today. Everything is great. Except one issue. When scrolling webpages in Edge, the screen changes from a "warm" tint to a "cool" tint randomly. Anyone else have this happen? Hard to see in the video below, but it is annoying.
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Does anyone know if Windows 10 will offer a solution similar to Apple's Continuity, where I can receive texts, etc. from my phone on my desktop and on my SP3?
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Perhaps another simple question...does anyone know how or if dragging and dropping of files into Edge is working? For instance, I cannot drag a file from File Explorer into OneDrive on Edge as I could in Chrome. Thanks!
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Does anyone know how to disable videos from auto playing in Edge? I had this feature on Chrome and it's a really nice one to have to filter out video ads that are very loud.

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