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    Solidworks and Surface Pro 3

    Hi, I work with Solidworks on my SP3 but resolution screen is not really well adapted to this software I solve this changing resolution to 1440x900 (do not forget to Restart SP3 to make the change take effect) and configuring Solidworks menu with Button " small" and Text size "Medium" . With...
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    Ad-Hoc connection working (Workaround...)

    Finally I achieve to connect my SP3 to Internet through Adhoc Wifi tethering with my Galaxy S4 (using Android Barnacle App) The solution is not perfect because I had to buy a USB Wifi Dongle , (NETGEAR G54/150 Wifi USB Micro Adapter) but it is very cheap, 16€ (at the FNAC shop) and very small...
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    Update firmware SP3 October 2014, 28th

    FYI for french readers Improvement of wifi /bluetooth /stability, the same you find in
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    One note for left handed

    I'am left handed and when I use One Note I Touch the charm bar with my hand. Someone knows if it's possible to change the position of the charm bar to the left part of the screen?
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    Hi all, I come from France, Just bought a new SP3 i5 256Gb, after a lot of years of ASUS Zenbook. (which are very good devices too) I'm fan of Windows , Android , Ubuntu , but not really iOS;-) I hope to share experience in this forum even if I hope I will not experience a lot of problem with my...

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