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  1. MDS

    Wipe Surface Pro 3 Before Selling

    Assume the "additional security option" will appear after the process is started after I select the option to Remove Everything?
  2. MDS

    Official I pre-ordered a Surface Pro 4

    I5 128GB 4GB with Teal keyboard to replace Pro 3 128/4 Had considered the 256GB 8GB. However, after running test on my ram usage at high loads on my Surface Pro 3 I rarely exceeded 65% ram usage. I have a 64 gig SD card installed and have yet to use it with 74 gigs left on hard drive. Was...
  3. MDS

    Wipe Surface Pro 3 Before Selling

    I'm selling my Surface Pro 3. My situation is I've upgraded it to Windows 10 while subscribing to the technical preview. I did make a recovery drive on a USB before upgrading from Windows 8.1. I am wanting to keep Windows 10 before selling. If I go to All Settings - Update and Security -...
  4. MDS

    Are you waiting for Microsoft Miracast Adapter?

    Well, I've been checking out the various miracast adapters and thought I had done well to narrow the search to the Netgear PVT3000 or ActionTec ScreenBeam Pro (was leaning towards ScreenBeam). Appears now the long awaited Microsoft adapter may roll out soon. Has anyone else decided to wait for...
  5. MDS

    Very, very surprised...

    That's fantastic. Long term value of a customer is more important than a simple sale.
  6. MDS

    Debating between i3 and i5

    Wonder what the resale on the I3 will be compared to the I5. That might be another thing to consider.
  7. MDS

    Surface Pro 1 still a decent machine?

    Pro 1 is a good machine. I still use one at work. I also owned, then sold my Pro 2 to purchase a 3. Had a I owned a Pro 1 when the 2 came out I would not have upgraded. The battery life on the pro 1 is similar to a moderately priced lap top and yes the power cover helps. Personally, I just...
  8. MDS

    Convince me to keep my SP3

    I've owned the Surface RT and Pro 1. Still own a Surface Pro 2 and love the Pro 3. I've experienced no major issues, never had to return anything. I've been happy with the updates that come out on Tuesday and can say, without a doubt, the devises get better as Microsoft continues to roll out...
  9. MDS

    What's your SP3 meeting kit look like?

    Don't mean to hijack the thread off topic so I'll add I considered keeping a wireless pointer/slide advance device in my meeting bag but decided to just use a wireless mouse. Mouse works good with PowerPoint and saves carrying a second device. That said, your comments on the PTV3000 and...
  10. MDS

    What's your SP3 meeting kit look like?

    I have a portfolio case with a shoulder strap. Inside is my sleeve that has an outside pocket that I can remove for times other items are not needed but still have room for a power supply. Cables or adaptors for HDMI/VGA to mini display port connections. Small blue tooth mouse and a blue tooth...
  11. MDS

    What does Satya Nadella shakeup of Microsoft mean for Surface?

    My guess is his announcement will not impact the Surface line, at least in the near term. I'd think Microsoft has to continue to find reasons for people to stay with their operating system at the personal PC and mobile device level. They have to stop the migration to Apple and Android. If...
  12. MDS

    Want a tablet to connect to a projector wirelessly for a classroom...

    I'm looking into a Netgear PTV3000 or Action Tec Screen Beam Pro adaptor. Seen them both in video running on Surface RT and Pro. I also know that Windows 8.1 supports Miracast which would not require the adaptor if the TV screen or whatever supports it. Microsoft is also working on an adaptor...
  13. MDS

    Is $350 a good deal on used 128gb model?

    Surface Pro 2's are still $650 and up with 128gb and keyboard, so you might be waiting awhile to get it down to what you are looking for. Pro 1 battery life is noticeably less than the 2 - I own a 2 and use the 1 at the office so I know this to be true. If battery life is not much concern and...
  14. MDS

    When do you think Microsoft will release a Smart Watch?

    Other sites have postings it will be as soon as October. Here is a good link:
  15. MDS

    VPN Problem Surface Pro 2

    Searched forums and for some reason could not find anything titled as a problem with VPN using Surface Pro 2. Hoping this means it is rare. Our IT guy says he is having problems connecting some of our Surface Pro 2s on VPN at work. The work-around has been using Citrix. I may have to get...
  16. MDS

    Wireless Video with Miracast on Surface Pro 3

    Wondering if anyone has given any resent thought on what adaptor to use for wireless video. There have been a few threads on this where some are thinking about waiting for Microsoft's rumored adaptor as well as using the Netgear PTV3000 or Action Tec ScreenBeam Pro. A lot of changes come to...
  17. MDS

    Will CORTANA ever come to Surface?

    Microsoft has stated Cortana will be coming to Windows PC, which would then include Surface. Appears they may also role it out to Android and Apple OS. After all, Cortana is an App. I've got Windows Phone 8.1 preview on my Nokia phone and have to say I use Cortana everyday. Of course you...
  18. MDS

    Good Video to Show Off Surface Pro 3 Screen

    Never thought to try this until my son-in-law suggested looking at YouTube for 4k video samples. Here is a good one:
  19. MDS

    Best Buy Home Delivery Failure on Release Day

    Called Best Buy to change order to store pickup and because the blue cover was pending shipment for Monday they could not do it. Received three different answers when checking delivery status. Online says order is pending fulfillment, calling automatic system says order is in process and will...
  20. MDS

    Best Buy Home Delivery Failure on Release Day

    Appears you at least were given notice of when the delivery date would be. Better to have a customer a little disappointed by letting them know what's up rather than more upset because of not being told.

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