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    The "Official" I got my Surface 3 thread

    My car charger actually charges my S3 with the power turned on. It is kind of slow, but definite progress is seen after just a half-hour drive. However, I think my car charger might be a high-power, rapid charger so I imagine that might have something to do with it.
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    Windows 10 Insider Preview (10074) on the Surface 3

    In short... just don't install the preview. Not yet. I bought my Surface 3 (128gb, 4gb RAM) on release day (5/5) and was excited to start using the preview OS. Install took what was to me an incredibly short amount of time, under 1 hour. Everything went super-smooth until I actually started to...
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    The "Official" I got my Surface 3 thread

    Got mine at my local MS Store yesterday. Runs incredibly smoothly. It took a surprisingly short amount of time to install the Windows 10 10074 Insider Preview... but I rolled back after about half an hour of frustration. The Preview OS is so incredibly choppy and slow on this Atom processor...

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