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    Surface not detecting keyboard cover.

    So weird. One of those, "It was just working last night" kind of thing. I turned on my Surface Pro, got into windows, and nothing on the keyboard works. I have the: Surface Pro Type Cover with Fingerprint ID I took it to the Microsoft store. They tried another keyboard on my Surface, and it...
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    SDXC UHS-II memory card speed.

    I'm trying to figure out if it's worth spending the extra $$ for a SD card UHS-II that's almost $200 for 300MB read and 200+Write for my Sony 7rIII. Or buy the microSDXC UHS-II that's about $80 less but read is ~250MB and write is ~100MB. But if I get the microSDXC at least I can just pop it...
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    CPU testing SB2 15in w/i5 vs i7

    Did anybody do a testing between the two processors? Trying to figure out if the speed difference is noticeable. Or can you only get the higher GPU w/i7? I haven't checked MS website recently.. Mostly I do photo editing, web browsing. And on the side video playback (movies) and gaming. But...
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    SP5- wish

    Although the battery would suck, I really hope the next SP5 comes with a real Nvidia GPU. I think most of the video type issues I had was compatibility with a non-standard GPU. I really like the SB 15in. But it's WAY bigger than something I want, so it's a "want" but not a "must have". And...
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    Battery drain on Edge

    One thing I'm amazed still is the battery drain while using Edge (could be with other browsers, but I was using Edge). I was on a site that had ads (not unlike this site) and after a few mins the SP4 i7 got warm, fan kicks on. I checked CPU and it was going from 2%-19%. Within 15mins, I was...
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    New pen on SP4

    Anybody got the new pen for the SP4 yet? How much better does it work?
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    surface pro 4 support dfs wireless channels?

    I was looking at this: Portal WiFi - Home Does the Surface support the DFS channels?
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    Surface and RealSense camera

    What do you think the possibility of Surface 5 having a RealSense camera? I remember being excited in hearing the surface 4 having windows Hello, but later finding out it's not the RealSense version of the camera. I know there are other laptops that have it built in now. I hope Surface 5...
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    Battery life

    Just ranting. Turned on my SP4@100%. Ran Outlook 2016, visited website like here for example. 20mins later, 82% battery life. Not doing any updates in background. I previously did that before unplugging from power cord. Screen brightness was set to "darkest" for about 50% of that, and...
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    Forza 6 windows 10 on SP4

    Anybody have any luck? My i7 refuses to launch. Says gfx card in incompatible. You can't even try and change screen size or gfx settings to get it to play. At least that's better than my Fallout 4. Which launches, the goes to desktop without telling you why.
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    getting store error 0x80070490

    I tried different fixes and can't get ANY app to update now. Same error. I created another admin login and that login will update all the store apps. Last thing I can think of is to use the new login and delete my original? But does anybody know a way where I won't loose all my settings and...
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    Question on power option settings after the last Surface update

    After the last major Surface update that corrected most if not all issues, like the connected standby, I have some questions. Before that update, I did things to help my surface work better. I enabled hibernate, and disabled connected standby. Now the new update was installed and I decided to...
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    Can the SP4 camera be used as a 3D scanner?

    Saw the video on importing your face into games and it said you can use a realsense camera. I know the SP4 comes with one, but can't find any info if you can get it scan. Btw, on a side not, I know when first setting up the facial scanner on the SP4, it had a little window showing me what the...
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    q: Battery life/hitting max temp i5/i7

    If I understand the i5/i7 in the SP4, the main reason to get the i7 is the IRIS 540 gfx processor, right? The i5 is the 6300u and the i7 is the 6650u. Besides the faster gfx processor in the i7, they kept the core count the same between the two and the i5 actually has a higher base speed but...
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    Fallout 4- Playable on the SB w/dGPU? (A SB vs SP4 dilemma)

    Besides what you see on net, anybody here tried this game on their own SB? I have a SP4, I didn't think this would bother me so much as I wouldn't use SP4 for gaming all that much, but seeing how this one game will just crash to desktop without an error, I'm pretty sure it's an issue with the...
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    anything wrong in using a SP3 charger on a SP4?

    I noticed the charger that came with my SP3 is a 47.8w charger, while the one that came with the SP4 is a 41w charger. 6-7watts doesn't seem like much, but I'm guessing during heavy use, it would supply enough power to the SP4 i7? I just don't want to plug it in and break something. Or use...
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    Outlook and android phone. How to sync?

    My father in law has Office 2013. All his calendar/contacts/emails are there. Now he got a new phone with Android 5.1 Lollipop (I think). It had him use his gmail account to setup his phone. But now no calendar and contacts. How can he sync his outlook with his android phone? I can't find...
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    One Note- I'm using it wrong. help!

    Ok, what exactly is it? A note pad that takes the pen? I add (+) a page. I can pen write a title, or use keyboard. Then if I write on the page, my writing stays there. K. it's not gonna transcribe what I wrote? Ok. So its a pen on a piece of paper. Then if I click on tab (HOME). I see...
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    how to get % instead of suggested for brightness in battery icon?

    Ok, so I know it was shown before, then I think after one of the updates it changed. How to get % instead of words like "suggested/brighter/darker" for brightness in battery icon? I bet it's something simple. I tried to turn off adaptive brightness. but that didn't change anything, except I...
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    Iyour windows update working? 0x80070643

    I don't think it's a Surface issue but my main computer doesn't have this problem and I see online many people recently started getting this error. I started getting it a few days ago when Windows defender wasn't updating. I ignored it. But today there was another update for windows and that...

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