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    Surface Pro 4 Pen Help

    I have a new problem after the recent firmware update. First the pen was not recognized at all. Now in One Note 2016, I can write without even touching it to the screen. The pen is now super sensitive. I tried adjusting the sensitivity using the Surface app to no avail. Any ideas? The pen is...
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    Wallpaper slideshow constantly resetting

    I've been having a strange problem ever since the rollout of Windows 10 to both my SP3 and SP4 (and Lenovo laptop). I have around 500 pictures stored locally that I use as wallpaper backgrounds. I have the settings set to slideshow and have selected the folder, however, it consistently resets to...
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    58% drain on Connected Standby over 8 hours

    Could someone help me figure out what is going on here? I seem to be having issues with Connected Standby killing my battery. I lost 58% of my battery during sleep today over 8 hours. I've attached the Sleep Study report and the Battery Report. Thanks. I have wifi disabled during sleep as well.
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    Type Cover 4

    I purchased a new SP4 but kept my Type Cover from the SP3. When it is attached and in the angled typing position, the bottom portion of the screen is covered up. Does this issue happen with the new Type Cover, or did they change the dimensions on it so that it matches the new reduced bezel...
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    First problem encountered

    Picked up my SP4 i5 256GB today. Everything is great. Except one issue. When scrolling webpages in Edge, the screen changes from a "warm" tint to a "cool" tint randomly. Anyone else have this happen? Hard to see in the video below, but it is annoying.
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    Capacitive Button not waking SP3

    I have noticed recently that it takes two or three tries to wake the SP3 using the capacitive windows button. It vibrates every time I touch it, but it doesn't wake the screen until the second or third try. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    Turn Screen Off Without Sleeping?

    Is there any way to turn the display off without making it sleep so that it can process in the background?

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