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  1. Tdublyou

    SP4: Unplugging increases power consumption

    When SP4 is unplugged, the slider moves to increase power consumption. Why? This is the opposite of what it should do under Balanced Power Plan selection.
  2. Tdublyou

    Solved Kickstand padding

    Want to make it more comfortable to use an SP on your lap? Get 1 to 1.5 in. diameter pipe insulation, with a slit along its length, at Home Depot, and cut to fit the length of the bottom edge of the kick stand. Insert and comfortably surf away!
  3. Tdublyou

    Screen brightness auto changes with videos on battery power

    I can't stop auto adjust screen brightness on a SP4 despite "change display brightness automatically" in settings turned off and advanced power settings option "enable adaptive brightness" set to off. The problem occurs when running on battery only. It is particularly noticeable when viewing...

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