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  1. MDS

    Wipe Surface Pro 3 Before Selling

    I'm selling my Surface Pro 3. My situation is I've upgraded it to Windows 10 while subscribing to the technical preview. I did make a recovery drive on a USB before upgrading from Windows 8.1. I am wanting to keep Windows 10 before selling. If I go to All Settings - Update and Security -...
  2. MDS

    Are you waiting for Microsoft Miracast Adapter?

    Well, I've been checking out the various miracast adapters and thought I had done well to narrow the search to the Netgear PVT3000 or ActionTec ScreenBeam Pro (was leaning towards ScreenBeam). Appears now the long awaited Microsoft adapter may roll out soon. Has anyone else decided to wait for...
  3. MDS

    VPN Problem Surface Pro 2

    Searched forums and for some reason could not find anything titled as a problem with VPN using Surface Pro 2. Hoping this means it is rare. Our IT guy says he is having problems connecting some of our Surface Pro 2s on VPN at work. The work-around has been using Citrix. I may have to get...
  4. MDS

    Wireless Video with Miracast on Surface Pro 3

    Wondering if anyone has given any resent thought on what adaptor to use for wireless video. There have been a few threads on this where some are thinking about waiting for Microsoft's rumored adaptor as well as using the Netgear PTV3000 or Action Tec ScreenBeam Pro. A lot of changes come to...
  5. MDS

    Good Video to Show Off Surface Pro 3 Screen

    Never thought to try this until my son-in-law suggested looking at YouTube for 4k video samples. Here is a good one:
  6. MDS

    Best Buy Home Delivery Failure on Release Day

    Best Buy failed to deliver the blue type cover pre ordered on 5/22. Order status shows order fulfillment in process so I have to assume this is their issue and not the delivery company's. I appreciate the fact Microsoft opened up pre orders to retailers. As usual Microsoft, at least for me, held...
  7. MDS

    Let us know when your card is charged or you get a tracking notification

    Like the last two new Surface releases, I'm expecting to see the credit card charge about the time I get a notice the new Surface Pro 3 has shipped and a tracking number has been assigned. This time around I pre ordered the Surface from Microsoft online and a blue type cover from Best Buy...
  8. MDS

    Travel Case for Surface Pro 3

    Ya, it's way earlier to be expecting cases to show up for the Surface Pro 3 but there are a few. Anyone done the research yet comparing the size of the unit to what's out there? I'll be looking for a sleeve that has a pocket for the power supply. Post your link if you have any suggestions...
  9. MDS

    Considering 32/64 bit and Windows 8/Pro and such

    I have been following forums on various Windows tablets since Windows 8 was announced and have questions on more technical aspects of the various device differences than what many posts cover when comparing devices. Perhaps a more technical person, which I'm not, can put the technical...
  10. MDS

    Bluetooth Keyboard vrs Type Cover

    Anyone else that already has the touch cover thinking about a Bluetooth keyboard rather than a type cover? Thinking a Bluetooth keyboard would be nice if I have my surface plugged into monitor or tv via hdmi
  11. MDS

    Comments Wanted about Document Encryption

    I've been watching the security apps for windows RT for a document encryption app so that I can protect files in cloud storage. Also, have read a little but not sure I understand what protection is built into the Surface RT. If anyone has suggestion, comments or opinions of what is available...

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