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    Wonder when MS will solve the external monitor zoom problem?

    How did you setup multiple resolutions on different monitors?
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    custom resolution for games

    i got XCom and wanted to play at 1280x720p rather than the full 1080p to get better performance. However even when I turn on fullscreen it starts blinking and I can't run anything. i have the latest intel hd 4000 drivers.
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    SimCity on Surface Pro?

    can you link me the driver version that you guys have installed?
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    No confirmation from Microsoft Store

    I am in two minds. I placed the order on Microsoft Canada for 128GB Feb 9th and the site stated that a confirmation will be sent soon. However, I have not received any mails yet. Now I don't want to risk missing the next batch, and want to buy it from wherever it is available from. But I am also...
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    What accessories do you plan to use with your Surface Pro?

    I want to mirror wireless display to my HDTV. Anything similar for Pro on the lines of Apple airplay? I was looking at Xbox Smartglass, but that it not a mirror image. I really wish Surface Pro had WiDi, one thing that Samsun ATIV has over Pro
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    Just placed my order on Microsoft's Web Store

    I ordered the 128GB model on Microsoft Canada store online and it said we will update you the status. Haven't received any confirmation in 8 hours :(
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    No confirmation from Microsoft Store

    I bought a Microsoft Surface pro in the morning from the Canadian Microsoft Website and went through the whole process. The last page said that I will be notified on a status, but I haven't received any email from Microsoft confirming my order. What gives? What has been the experience of...

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