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    Welcome, glad you joined us..
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    Welcome @Dichrodave , glad you joined us.
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    Welcome @timzsurf , glad you joined us.
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    Greetings from Canada, eh

    Welcome @Buck Spunni , glad you joined us.
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    Welcome @Henry740 , enjoy your new toy..
  6. Jeffrey

    email address for student discount still mandatory?

    Good question. My guess is parents/relatives are usually paying the tab. I wonder how many people are actually taking advantage of the system.
  7. Jeffrey

    email address for student discount still mandatory?

    Apple requires a valid student ID in order to receive any discount at their retail stores. They require you to select the school you attend when purchasing online. I do not believe that Apple has intentionally given anyone a loophole to receive a 10% discount. If there are those circumventing...
  8. Jeffrey

    Dropped my baby in water

    Post and references removed.
  9. Jeffrey

    Will this work?

    Seems to work with the Pro 2 and should work fine with the 3. See this thread
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    Greatings from Spain

    Welcome, glad you joined us.
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    Thankful to find you!

    Congrats and welcome to the forum.
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    New member strange behaviour on surface 2?

    Welcome to the Forum. Glad you joined us.
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    new SP3 wallpaper for you folks

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Hello from Southern California

    Welcome, glad you joined us.
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    Microsoft Has Vowed to Cleanup the Crapware from the Windows App Store

    Hopefully, MS will get it done quickly.
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    thoughts after 2 days of usage

    Congrats.. Thanks for sharing..
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    Who here uses a Windows Phone

    Check out our Windows Phone Forum
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    Hello from Croatia

    Welcome, glad you joined us
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    Microsoft: Fix for Surface Pro 3 overheating issue coming soon

    In a statement sent to PCWorld, Microsoft avoided using the term “overheating,” but said users should expect the Core i7 model to run warmer than its less-powerful siblings. “The i7 version of Surface Pro 3 is a first-of-its-kind tablet delivering i7 processing power in a thin and light...

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