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  1. Jeffrey

    Microsoft: Fix for Surface Pro 3 overheating issue coming soon

    In a statement sent to PCWorld, Microsoft avoided using the term “overheating,” but said users should expect the Core i7 model to run warmer than its less-powerful siblings. “The i7 version of Surface Pro 3 is a first-of-its-kind tablet delivering i7 processing power in a thin and light...
  2. Jeffrey

    Surface Pro 3 review: Third time lucky for the Microsoft tablet?

    [Editor's Note: This is a copy and paste review from another source. Jeffrey did not intend to pass it off as our own original content.] The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the third and perhaps final Microsoft-built tablet. It's a device that treads the gap between tablet and laptop, giving you a...
  3. Jeffrey

    Carriers have to let you text 911 by the end of the year

    You've had the option of texting 911 in a handful of US cities for a couple of months, thanks in part to voluntary efforts from bigger cellphone carriers. However, the FCC doesn't want you to be left out solely because you're on a smaller network. The agency has just adopted rulesrequiring that...
  4. Jeffrey

    Buffalo Bills Coach Has Issues in First NFL Game with Surface Tablets

    Last night's Hall of Fame game was the first NFL preseason matchup of the summer. It was also the first time that Microsoft's new plan to replace binders of printed photos with a fleet of Surface Pros on the sidelines was put into effect. As you might expect, implementing the tech hit a few...
  5. Jeffrey

    New malware can live inside any USB device undetected

    It turns out that the stalwart USB thumbstick, or any universal serial bus device, isn't as trustworthy as once thought. A pair of security researchers has found we need to worry about more than just malware-infected files that are stored portable drives, and now need to guard against hacks...
  6. Jeffrey

    Check Out Our New Forum

    Check the new trend. Android Watch Forum
  7. Jeffrey

    Test Your Web Connection

    Came across this site. It test your internet connection, and creates a url to forward to your provider if it detects any issues. Very cool. Test your Connection
  8. Jeffrey

    How Disgusting!!!

    You need to check this one out.... LG Succeeds at Making the Most Disturbing and Disgusting G Flex Commercial Ever
  9. Jeffrey

    Microsoft makes Skype available to all users Read more: http://www.elect

    Global launch allows Skype use within browser users across the world will be able to use Skype from within their browser, Microsoft has revealed. Previously tested with a small number of users in the US and UK, the service allows all users of the e-mail service to make video...
  10. Jeffrey

    Microsoft's got a wireless display fix in the works for Surface users.

    Sure, the Surface 2 supports Miracast, giving you the power to beam the contents of your screen wirelessly to some other, larger display. But not everyone has a compatible HDTV, which leaves us with that messy wired situation and that's no good for 2014. Ah, but there is a solution on the way...
  11. Jeffrey

    BlueStacks offering Android virtualization within Windows, harmony for one and all

    It'd be too easy to simply describe BlueStack's suddenly titillating software as Android's Parallels for Windows, but really -- why try to complicate things? Currently available only in test form, the program is designed to run a virtualized copy of Android atop a not-at-all-virtualized copy of...
  12. Jeffrey

    Microsoft Enters Office Socializing With a $1.2 Billion Purchase

    Plenty of people goof off at the office by checking their Facebook accounts. Now Microsoft is paying $1.2 billion for a company that has made Facebook-style social networking just another tool for getting work done. The all-cash deal for Yammer, a social network service for businesses, is...
  13. Jeffrey

    Apple fined $2.29 million over '4G iPad' claims in Australia

    Australia's federal court has fined Apple for "deliberately" misleading customers on local 4G capabilities of its latest iPad. The Cupertino-based company recently agreed to the terms, which included AU$2.29 million fine and a cool AU$300,000 in costs. Despite its 4G claims, Apple's new iPad...
  14. Jeffrey

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