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    New Apple 12" MacBook - competition to SP3 ?

    Apple just launched a very thin 12" laptop (fanless): Just wondering...what do you think ? :)
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    Surface Pro 3 has a weak charger and power system ?

    Hi, Today I had my tablet in a cold car trunk for like half an hour, the battery was already empty. After I arrived to work, I waited about 10 min. until the tablet was at room temperature and then connected the charger and tried to start it. Nevertheless, it worked for like 20 seconds and then...
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    Surface Pro 4 skipping Broadwell altogether ?

    Now that CES 2015 has begun, there is plenty of information about the "just-launched" and delayed Intel Broadwell-U. I came across this article: The "thing" number 5 is "No tablets for...
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    A solution to poor battery life and connected stand-by battery drain

    Ok, so I solved this issue today (and hopefully at least some of you will solve it too). My SP3 (i5/256) suffered from high battery drain while in connected stand-by. Moreover, the total battery life of the tablet sucked, it lasted like 4.5 hours while my SP2 lasted at least 7 hours with light...
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    Charging a smartphone via the AC adapter - not working

    Hi, I have an LG G2 smartphone and trying to charge it using the USB charging port of the Surface Pro 3 power adapter. It doesn't work, the phone intermittently reports plugging in / plugging out the charging cable. But at least it works (slowly) trying to charge it on the SP3 USB port. Anyone...
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    Finally bought a SP3 to replace the SP2

    I can't say how happy I am with the SP3. I measured the screens and compared to SP2 it has 37% more surface area. The SP3 screen feels much larger than the SP2 and also the image seems more close to the screen surface, the overall display quality is better. But the best thing about it is the 3:2...
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    Finally a stable Chrome that works with high-dpi displays. No more fuzzy text.

    Hi, Just wanted to notify you that the 64-bit Google Chrome has been declared official and stable. I installed it and now the text displays correctly on the SP2, just like with IE11. No more text fuzziness. You can download it from here:
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    How do you feel about the size/portability of SP3 versus your (former) SP2 ?

    Hello, I have the SP2 and I am interested in upgrading to SP3 sometime in the near future (possibly after the Broadwell version arrives - I already witnessed my SP2 becoming outdated 3 months after my purchase). I would like to upgrade because a larger screen would probably be better for me...
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    Microsoft offering $650 credit towards a Surface Pro 3 for your existing MacBook Air

    Sounds like a good deal :) Microsoft offers $650 store credit for MacBook Air for Surface Pro 3 trade-in | ZDNet
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    Surface Pro 3 launched - 12" tablet, 9mm thick, 2160x1440's here :) Lightweight, 3:2 screen aspect ratio, up to Core i7. virtually fanless.
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    Avoid Yahoo Messenger for proper tablet sleep and longer battery life

    Hi, Not sure if it has been posted on here, but I traced my tablet sleep problems to Yahoo Messenger. I would put the tablet to sleep fully charged when I left work and when I got home or about two hours later it was at like 40% charge (and warm). A powercfg /ENERGY command revealed that the...
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    Surface 2 with 4G LTE coming on March 18

    I thought you may want to know. $679 via AT&T. Microsoft's Surface 2 with AT&T 4G LTE coming March 18 for $679 | ZDNet
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    Windows 8.1 Update 1 fixes the "slow Wi-Fi when bluetooth devices connected" problem

    Hi, I had this annoying problem, when some Bluetooth device was connected to my Surface Pro 2, the Wi-Fi speeds would drop significantly to the point of becoming unusable. This was bearable with my mouse connected, but when the Bose SoundLink Mini was playing music from the tablet, I could...
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    My review of Surface Pro 2

    Hello, I got my Surface Pro 2 about 3 days ago. I know there are some people still looking for reviews of the SP2 (like I did until 2 weeks ago), so I thought I would write my own real-world use review. I would like to mention that so far very few tech reviewers really understood what this...
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    Chances to receive an i5-4300U when buying from BestBuy ?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, and for some days I am looking to buy a Surface Pro 2 256GB. I am from Romania and my country does not have a Microsoft Store and the Surface Pro 2 cannot be found or is very expensive at retail stores, like $300+ more expensive than if bought from US with all...

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