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    8/13/13 Update - better battery?

    I'm running
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    8/13/13 Update - better battery?

    Bull clown :) I was suffering display glitches across a few 32 bit apps with the display adapter provided in the update. The new display adapter driver from Intel resolves these. Worth a look if anyone's struggling.
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    8/13/13 Update - better battery?

    I call bull. You bought two in pretty colours. Maybe to stop the SP burning your hands, bless.
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    8/13/13 Update - better battery?

    It is around the stud that the case 'rotates'. Moko Rotatory... Once again, you bought the wrong product for you. Twice.
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    8/13/13 Update - better battery?

    Off topic, but as it's been mentioned above, I too think the Moko Rotatory is a truly great case, stand and grip. It's a really good product.
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    8/13/13 Update - better battery?

    The new one is
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    8/13/13 Update - better battery?

    I updated and sadly had to roll the graphics driver back to ArcGIS 10.1 wouldn't work otherwise. The resolution has improved though. EDIT: For any ArcGIS users, I just found another option was to install the newest graphics driver (, and in Control Panel, disable...
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    Next gen Surface in testing !!!

    We can think of the SPII as being both alive and dead. There, that's settled.
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    Is SurfacePro going to have to cut their price?

    A lovely solution for your Access database I'm sure SELECT * FROM [Users] WHERE [Clue] > 0 No records found.
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    [Article] This is why you dislike Bing

    Just tweaked some of your bias :o I will try Bing for 30 days if I identify a need to do so. I have no confirmation bias or hatred towards Bing. I think the simple fact that Google got here first and returns the information I need to do my job efficiently and to a high quality has made it the...
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    the pro and university

    There are also generous battery savings to be achieved with custom power profiles without compromising the performance of the apps/usage you've described. I'd have loved the Surface Pro through my Uni years. Enjoy, and good luck with your studies.
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    If you were starting over...

    Can't help with the yellow patch thing, but you might find big gains with a custom power profile without losing any functionality. For reference I get over 6 hours using OneNote with reference material in the background (Word, Excel and PDF, and some Outlook). I'm told that also using Airplane...
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    If you were starting over...

    I'd get another Surface Pro straight away even if it didn't turn into a pile of money.
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    Sketchup Crash on SP

    I've found the March 15313 graphics driver to be the only driver stable over all my applications. I don't have sketchup, but the driver is worth a look. If it works out, just hide the newer driver within Windows Update to prevent automatic or accidental update...
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    Surface Pro downgraded to accessory status...

    Disappointed by the Surface for not being something it wasn't designed to be? Is the disappointment not with yourself, for buying the wrong tool for the job? We've all done it, and will do it again
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    Why Did You Buy Your Surface Pro and How Do You Use It?

    I got the pro to help improve my productivity, flexibility and efficiency at work. With the Mako Rotatory case and Think Tank Artificial Intelligence 13" bag, I've got a very powerful, portable, robust and light weight toolbox. I'm using ArcGIS 10.1 to digitize data in the field in real time...

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