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    Posting as my Page on Facebook

    So I have a couple of pages on Facebook (music/band page etc.) Normally on my phone I can just open the left menu in the FB app and choose my page and post as my page. I can also choose to share statuses as my page instead of myself. I cant seem to do either on the Facebook Surface app. If I go...
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    Is Internet Explorer on the Surface Pros safe to use yet?

    I know Internet Explorer isn't really safe yet since those warnings to stop using it in the beginning of the month - but I was hoping it was different for the Surface Pros/app version? I've been using the Desktop versions of Firefox and Opera but I'm tired of them. I miss the interface and...
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    Windows Phone Appearance on Tablets?

    I love the way the Windows tiles look on my Surface Pro but love how they look even more on Windows phones! Is there any way to make the tiles bigger and fill more of the screen on tablets like they do on their Mobile platforms?
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    Discoloration around Charging Port

    Has anyone experienced this discoloration around the charging port? It almost looks like the surface is chipping, I'm assuming from the heat of the connection?
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    Problems saving pictures in Internet Explorer

    I didn't see a Windows OS subforum so I wasn't sure where else to post this. I can't save any pictures in Internet Explorer when in tablet mode for my Surface Pro, but Internet Explorer in the desktop saves pictures just fine. What is the tablet OS side of the Surface Pro called anyways...
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    How to use a (non-touch) 2nd monitor

    I have a Surface Pro and am thinking about getting a 7 inch monitor for it so that I can move all the tools and tool bars onto the second monitor when I'm using Photoshop or Manga Studio, essentially making the Pro strictly a touchscreen. I was wondering if that was something that is possible...
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    Nixon Surface Case/Sleeve [For Sale $25]

    I got one as a gift and I had already recently bought one, so I'm selling one for $25 USD shipped as long as you're in the continental US. I only used it a few days before I got the new one so I've barely used it, looks like new (no packaging.) Post here and PM me, first one to do so gets the...
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    Problems with External Hard Drive

    I have 2 external hard drives I tried to use on my Surface Pro. One is a Western Digital My Passport that shows up when I connect, and I can read/write/copy etc but it won't let me eject it. When I try to eject it by right clicking the option isn't there, and if I try it in the Finder the...

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