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  1. Megoapesnut

    Any way to fix mark on glass

    My wife tossed a remote to our daughter over the weekend and it hit my Surface book. It put a small mark on the glass. It isn't a scratch - it's more like a slight mar. You can really only see it when you hold it at an angle and let light reflect off the screen. I was wondering if this has ever...
  2. Megoapesnut

    Surface Book 2 15" 16GB 1TB MS Complete

    This breaks my heart to sell as it has worked flawlessly from day one and been everything I needed. I run a music tribute festival that benefits special needs kids. The show is less than 3 weeks away and ticket sales are not making up the shows costs so I have to sell a few things to make up the...
  3. Megoapesnut

    Fall Creators Update (1709) & Pen

    Is anyone having issues with the 1709 update and their pen? I had problems with my pen and my Surface Book with Performance base after the update. I recently got a SB2 15" and it is in the process of downloading the 1709 update. If I am going to have pen problems, I don't want to update this.
  4. Megoapesnut

    Seamless Storage Options

    I know there are a couple of products around for Macbooks that plug into the SD card slot (some that are flush with device when installed) to provide extra storage. Has anyone tried any of these products with a Surface Book? I don't need the software that makes the computer think it's part of...
  5. Megoapesnut

    Trackpad Sensitivity?

    I have now owned 4 different Surface Books and the latest one is driving me nuts. Whenever I hover over anything for more than a nano-second AND my finger is resting on the trackpad - even if it is VERY lightly resting on it, it activates the click. I do not have the "autoclick on hover" option...
  6. Megoapesnut

    Has anyone purchased Best Buy's Geek Squad extended warranty for their SB

    If you have read my previous post regarding my Surface Book dying after 30 days you will know that Best Buy replaced it for me, even though I had not purchased an extended warranty from them. I can count on one hand (even if I lose a few fingers) how many times I have purchased extended...
  7. Megoapesnut

    My Surface Book Died - Need Repair Advice

    So, my one month old surface book started freezing up on me. A restart would fix the problem - until the next freeze. Today, as I was reading a file, it just shut off completely. Now, when pushing the power button, the keyboard lights up for a second, but the computer will not boot. So, I...

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