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    Solved Hardware acceleration problems suddenly solved

    Thanks Sharpuser :) Still curious to hear if others with the Surface Pro 4 i7 have playback issues in Edge, but not in Chrome. It's a minor things, I mean I use Chrome anyway, just wondering.. :)
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    Solved Hardware acceleration problems suddenly solved

    Hey there. After todays Windows update, suddenly some hardware acceleration issues I had seem solved. After previous update (that included a firmware update, unlike today's update), my Surface 4 (i7) felt less snappy overall. Online video playback seemed more sluggish/stutterish, and there was...
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    CDPUserSvc_93ade service?

    Hi there! After the recent Windows 10 update, I noticed all of a sudden an addition of a new service, named: CDPUserSvc_93ade. Can someone tell me what it does? The description says <Failed to Read Decription. Error Code: 15100> . The service is by default set to Automatic, and started. I am...
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    Screen off & Spotify

    Hey there, Has anyone noticed that automatic screen off, also turns off the speakers when playing music ? Anyone found a solution to this perhaps? I have read there might be a workaround, by disabling "connected standby". Though I'm wondering if there are also other solutions? I also tried...
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    Audio Equalizer?

    Thanks so much! When Googling, I found another that gets quite good reviews, called Equaliser APO. Going to give that a try first, since it seems a bit more tried out and popular on Windows. Any other suggestions are welcome :)
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    Audio Equalizer?

    Hey there! So on my Surface Pro 4, I really like the sound by default, though I would like to be able to adjust it. I sometimes connect my Surface Pro 4 to my external 2.1 speakerset with subwoofer, and I would like to adjust the lower tones a bit (lower). Also just in general I like to have an...

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