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    Microsoft Officially Unveils the Surface Pro 3

    I was initially annoyed with the required pen battery (side note - is it one AAAA; or one AAAA and two coin batteries?) - but it seems that you get quite a bit of life out of the pen battery; some saying 6+ months? If true, this basically makes it a non-issue... very similar to how often I...
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    Surface pro 3 will have an i5-4300U processor, should I wait for the i7?

    Agreed - I'm really on the fence regarding the screen size. I want to demo it in person before I commit. Additionally, I'm going to wait for the inevitable Broadwell SP release before I jump in - perhaps they'll introduce other models/sizes then; I'm betting on a early Nov debut of broadwell.
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    SP3 Reviews

    Unless I missed it, I didn't see any other comparisons to other devices on the same test. They said "scripted" Office use which is a bit cryptic - To me, that means they're using Office's own API's or VBA. In either case, I'd consider office use more taxing than general web browsing when you...
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    FS: Type Cover 2, Manvex Leather Case, 1xTech Armor Screen Protector

    Hi All-- I ended up returning my SP2 and have some accessories I need to sell. I'd prefer to bundle all together so here it is: 1) Type Cover 2 (black) - Virtually mint condition in original box w/manuals etc. I used this maybe 2-3 times at home and ended up not needing it as much as I...
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    Has anyone fixed Chrome?

    I don't have my SP2 anymore, but if you configured the desktop's IE "Tracking protection" and enabled, say, EasyList to filter ads, this doesn't take effect in metro IE?
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    Tablets I/O-Wise Are a Bit of a Con?

    For me, this simply isn't an issue... copying locally first and then to the next device is pretty simple. If it added weight (and cost), I hardly see the benefit. Then again, many devices don't even have USB ports so it's a worse situation (and solves the above problem by completely ignoring...
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    SP3 Reviews

    This 100%! Any real work I need to do that requires the keyboard for an extended amount of time, I'll most likely have the Surface docked somewhere and use an attached KB/mouse. I honestly didn't have any major gripes on the surface 2 type cover either, outside the mouse pad. Truthfully, I...
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    [Rumor] Stephen Elop May Have Killed the Microsoft Surface Mini Idea

    I'd like to see a Surface "mini" or whatever smaller form factor. However, I do find it sort of against what MS is preaching in terms of using only one device. Would releasing a "mini" (even if it was somehow a full fledged pro model) go against the "..tablet that can replace your laptop..."...

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