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    I'd copy the video to a micro SD card or USB stick then copy or move to my PC that way.
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    Favorite 3rd party docking stations?

    A SP3 is in my future, but it will be replacing a desktop not a laptop. Mouse, keyboard, at least one external HDD (USB3), cabled internet, audio connections, and dual monitor are my requirements. I know the Microsoft Docking station will work for my needs, except that I'll have to use the...
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    A Used RT is the greatest value in technology!

    His part 2 video is even better. Those two videos were part of the reason that I got a new old stock 64 G Surface RT in August. I completely love it. What a fantastic machine! So capable. I love having the desktop and the Office apps. I only wish there were more quality apps in the app store.
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    Looking for a very basic MP3 player app - recommendations?

    I'm looking for a very simple MP3 player app for my Surface. Would appreciate suggestions. I spent a great deal of time with many apps last night but every one had some flaw or other. Basically here's what I want - something to play MP3s from a USB stick and either work in the background with...
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    Another Surface Win

    I'm using a Buffalo NAS in my house and my experience is similar. At first the Surface didn't recognize it, but I upgraded the firmware on the NAS and there it is - no intervention required at all - it just shows up when I open the "Network" folder. I haven't even looked into what it would...
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    Microphone Stand Mount for Surface

    Gig Saturday night went extraordinarily well. All three of us were on our game musically, particularly my guitarist, who was on fire! The Surface was perfect on the stand mount. The Guitar Tapp Pro app worked extremely well. Honestly the Surface worked better than my iPad ever did for this...
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    Microphone Stand Mount for Surface

    My tablet is a Surface RT, not a SP3. The Hercules barely fits, I am sure it would not fit a SP3. You may need to use a conventional music stand for the SP3.
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    Surface RT - initial impressions Aug. 2014

    Firmware update on the NAS fixed the access. I can now access it seamlessly from my Surface RT.
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    Things you should know if you are thinking of an RT

    I should add - the Surface RT didn't play "mkv" files out of the box. It required updates from Microsoft for the support to be in place. Also, there's a modern version of VLC that is free that may play mkv files. Have you tried it?
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    Surface RT - initial impressions Aug. 2014

    The Surface can see the printer through both the network and locally when connected by USB. It even identifies it and shows the printer's home page. The problem is there are no drivers for Windows RT for this printer (Lexmark S301). I am upgrading the fiurmware on my NAS device so hopefully...
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    Microphone Stand Mount for Surface

    I play rock and roll in a local bar band (Bass guitar and vocals). I use a tablet for displaying lyrics and guitar chords. I use a pedal for turning pages. I have been using my iPad2 for this but now that I have a Surface which I like better than the iPad I will use the Surface.
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    Surface RT - initial impressions Aug. 2014

    The Surface RT is now an old piece of hardware, and I got a new one last week. Original retail on the 64GB Surface RT was $699 with touch cover. I got a brand new Surface RT for under $240 and used Type 2 cover for about $50 in August 2014. I have had an iPad2 for three years and I have liked...
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    Games you recommend that uses Xbox Controller

    Asphalt 8. Pinball FX2.
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    Microphone Stand Mount for Surface

    I had, but I was looking for specific recommendations. Next person who looks here will find this.
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    Microphone Stand Mount for Surface

    Hercules HA300 is the answer. Works perfectly.
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    Microphone Stand Mount for Surface

    Something like this: There are many brands and types - looking for recommendations for ones that work with the Surface particularly well. I...
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    Microphone Stand Mount for Surface

    Those mics are very attractive but I will stick with my old reliable SM58 for now. Also, neither of those will hold my Surface tablet. ;-)
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    Did You Know That Hiding Under Kickstand of RT is a MicroSD Card Reader?

    Me, too. I ordered the 64G Surface RT and a 64G Micro-SD in the same Amazon order.
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    Things you should know if you are thinking of an RT

    How many apps doesn't mean much if the apps are junk. Anyway - I don't know about high def from Blu-Ray but my Surface RT plays MKVs that I create in Handbrake from DVD with no problem. Good...

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