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    Surface Laptop 3 | 4 | GO Dual Display 10Gbps dedicated adapter

    Juiced systems has released a dedicated Surface Laptop 4 adapter that is compatible with the Surface Laptop 3, Surface Laptop 4 and the Surface Laptop GO. It seems to be the only adapter dedicated to this surface line. Dual 4k @ 60hz, Gigabit ethernet, 3x USB-A 10Gbps ports and AUX/MIC...
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    New Juiced Systems USB 3.0 Surface 4 in 1 Adapter Now Available.

    Hey guys, just got word the New USB 3.0 version of the 4 in 1 adapter is now in stock. USB 3.0 Surface 4 in 1 Adapter Their last model was USB 2.0 and was very popular. Cheers
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    5 in 1 Surface Adapter - Legit!

    Pictures These are pictures from Juiced Systems Next Level Electronic Accessories product page.
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    5 in 1 Surface Adapter - Legit!

    Hey Surface Peeps! I am a new owner of a Surface Pro I just picked up the other day. I am leaving for a business trip to china this week and was on the hunt for some type of common functional surface adapter and came across this gem last week : Products - Android Tablet accessories |...

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