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    Cleaning Surface Pro Alcantara

    Hi friends. I have these kinda yellowish stains on alcantara. Dunno of it is from tobaco or... Is it possible to clean it and what should I use? Would liquid soap and like toothbrush be enough?
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    Screen bulging/separating from frame a bit

    Hi guys. I purchased this tablet in used condition from a guy claiming nothing wrong is with it. While I was cleaning the tablet I noticed this (pics) at the top edge of the tablet.It is barely visible,maybe crack is like 1mm wide or so, and I can see probably yellow glue stains. Now I read...
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    Toshiba SSD terrible SSD speed

    Hi. I purchased used Surface Pro 5 (model with 128GB SSD and 4GB of DDR3 RAM). I did ssd speed test and this is far beyond acceptable. Anyone else having same issue with this Toshiba drive or is it just me? Maybe I need to disable/enable some settings in BIOS or am I missing some driver. Write...

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