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  1. Megoapesnut

    Any way to fix mark on glass

    Thanks for the advice. I am probably going to just let it alone. It isn't noticeable unless the screen is pure white or turned off and angled for light to reflect off it.
  2. Megoapesnut

    Any way to fix mark on glass

    My wife tossed a remote to our daughter over the weekend and it hit my Surface book. It put a small mark on the glass. It isn't a scratch - it's more like a slight mar. You can really only see it when you hold it at an angle and let light reflect off the screen. I was wondering if this has ever...
  3. Megoapesnut

    Surface Book 2 15" 16GB 1TB MS Complete

    This breaks my heart to sell as it has worked flawlessly from day one and been everything I needed. I run a music tribute festival that benefits special needs kids. The show is less than 3 weeks away and ticket sales are not making up the shows costs so I have to sell a few things to make up the...
  4. Megoapesnut

    Attention: Premiere Pro users; HELP

    I agree about the menu items being too small. I set up a SB for a friend and I found an easy code hack that worked for Photoshop and InDesign. I could not get it to work for Illustrator and I did not install PrePro to know if it worked there. Thankfully I have a loaded Mac Pro that I use for...
  5. Megoapesnut

    Using 2 laptops

    My SB2 15" IS my portable system. My other computer is a fully loaded Mac Pro which I use for video editing.
  6. Megoapesnut

    Will not start even after hard reboot steps

    I had the same problem with my very first SB. This happened after 32 days. I took it to the closest Microsoft store and they said that they had never seen that before. They were going to give me a replacement but the model I had was not in stock. Luckily, Best Buy took pity on me and gave me a...
  7. Megoapesnut

    Backpack suggestion

    I actually use the Oakley Bathroom Sink backpack. I cannot get the SB2 inside via the side pocket, but it fits easily through the top opening, and I keep my SB in a neoprene sleeve as well. So plenty of room for both and all my accessories.
  8. Megoapesnut

    SB2: Potential Purchase

    I have a USB-C HDMI adapter for my SB2 15" and it works fine shooting to both Hi-Def and 4K displays, so no problems there for you. I don't do gaming so I can't answer that question for you but it sounds like you are covered there. I am a photographer and the screen is freakin awesome. It's the...
  9. Megoapesnut

    CPU testing SB2 15in w/i5 vs i7

    The 15" model is available only with the i7.
  10. Megoapesnut

    Fall Creators Update (1709) & Pen

    Is anyone having issues with the 1709 update and their pen? I had problems with my pen and my Surface Book with Performance base after the update. I recently got a SB2 15" and it is in the process of downloading the 1709 update. If I am going to have pen problems, I don't want to update this.
  11. Megoapesnut

    Must-have SB2 acessories?

    You can get a 400GB micro SD card. It's a bit pricey, but still less than Microsoft is charging per gig.
  12. Megoapesnut

    Must-have SB2 acessories?

  13. Megoapesnut

    Must-have SB2 acessories?

    Which Base QI adapter did you order? They make them to fit all of the Macbooks. Not sure which one would be flush with the surface book. Maybe the Macbook 15" pro Retina?
  14. Megoapesnut

    Seamless Storage Options

    Awesome, let me know how it works for you. Thanks
  15. Megoapesnut

    Seamless Storage Options

    I know there are a couple of products around for Macbooks that plug into the SD card slot (some that are flush with device when installed) to provide extra storage. Has anyone tried any of these products with a Surface Book? I don't need the software that makes the computer think it's part of...
  16. Megoapesnut

    Surface Book 2 - will you buy/upgrade?

    I have to come clean. I am a tech junkie. I really need to seek professional counseling! I am actually a Mac guy, through and through. I have been for 30 years. I work in the graphics industry and have owned every Mac model there ever was. I thoroughly detested Windows up until 10. However, the...
  17. Megoapesnut

    Surface Book 2 - will you buy/upgrade?

    No pen is bundled with any of the models. You need to purchase that separately. Sneaky sods *edited by hughlle to replace profanity (though I agree with the sentiment ;))
  18. Megoapesnut

    My Surface will not start, freq problem

    Mine did that 31 days after purchase. I drove the 2 hours to the closest MS store and they said they had never seen anything like it. They tried all sorts of keyboard and power button combos with no luck. They were going to replace it but didn't have any in stock. I took it over to Best Buy...
  19. Megoapesnut

    Trackpad Sensitivity?

    I have now owned 4 different Surface Books and the latest one is driving me nuts. Whenever I hover over anything for more than a nano-second AND my finger is resting on the trackpad - even if it is VERY lightly resting on it, it activates the click. I do not have the "autoclick on hover" option...

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