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    Solved Surface Pro 4 Screen Lift

    There is a Microsoft Store in New Kingston ( 60 Knutsford Boulevard, New Kingston, St Andrew). I would take your surface there. If you have an extended warranty all the better!
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    Solved Surface Pro 4 Screen Lift

    Following up this topic, yes it was a battery issue. I took my Surface Pro 4 to my local Microsoft store to assess the situation. The representative was very concerned that it might explode. He replaced my Pro 4 right then and there. This is something that the online Microsoft support did not...
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    Mind Map Software?

    I like Freemind. FreeMind - free mind mapping software
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    Solved Surface Pro 4 Screen Lift

    Recently I noticed that the glass screen on my Surface Pro 4 had lifted out of the bottom quadrant of its case. I had been working outside on a hot day (90 degrees F). The side of the screen facing the case seemed to have residual glue on it. I took the computer into a cooler environment and...

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