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  1. J

    Google Play Books Reader App

    Is there a google play books reader app that can view and read my library?
  2. J

    how to set the mail app as default

    I have had a look online and am struggling to find anyone who is able to send one note pages and sections via anything but outlook. I'm just surprised that you can't use other email clients such as the default mail one we have on the surface.
  3. J

    how to set the mail app as default

    I'm trying to set the mail app as the default app so I can send one note pages via email. I go to default apps to set it, then it says it is doing it then it never actually does it. This is not outlook but the mail app we get as default. Any idea what I have to do as I currently can't send any...
  4. J

    Has anyone used Maroo protective cover?

    I also own this cover. Its good and very smart looking it certainly offers good protection. It does add a lot of weight to it. My other issue is if I have the keyboard attached when I am using it as a tablet the lock screen and rotation isn't always correct and doesn't always give me the ability...
  5. J

    Lock screen/ instant on lag

    Thanks for the reply. Ive generally only got chrome, and about 3 or 4 apps running. Like tapatalk reddit and the mail app. Would this be enough to slow it down on lock screen?
  6. J

    Lock screen/ instant on lag

    I've just purchased a new i5 128gb, I seem to have an issue with lock screen lag. I have the keyboard on and when I use it as a traditional tablet in portrait mode, the lock screen sometimes displays and doesn't get the clock on for me to swipe up. I have to change orientation and touch the...

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