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  1. Kevin Cossaboon

    Loss / hidden of power / shutdown icon

    (very clumsy title) Ok the 'start button' that we use to shutdown the Surface is hidden under the windows icon. picture worth a thousand words.... This seems to happen when the Surface sleeps and awakes, and started after the last update. Many other things fail after it sleeps too, like...
  2. Kevin Cossaboon

    Solved displaylink

    does anyone know if this is used for the Microsoft Dock? I have it installed (for unknown reasons) and would like to uninstall it, but thought it might be the DOCK. Thank you
  3. Kevin Cossaboon

    Newbee question on Windows 10 Updates

    I would like to STOP windows 10 from updating. I would like to, on my schedule, check for updates, then review them, and on my command, have select updates applied. Is this impossible? Is this what 'Defer upgrades" is? I need to stop the SP4 from updating things when it thinks it is cool to...
  4. Kevin Cossaboon

    OneNote 2016 Convert to Shapes

    Does anyone know if the feature 'Convert to Shapes' is coming to OneNote 2016? I can use it on my iPAD Pro and in the Windows version of OneNote, but can not find it in the Office 2016 version?
  5. Kevin Cossaboon

    Anyone having issues SB not charging

    Trying to isolate DOCK verse SB issues. As others have had, I still get every few days the SB being on the DOCK, using the Monitor, Ethernet, USB all from the DOCK, but it failing to charge the SB, and to discover at the WRONG time that the SB has been on Battery, and now do not have enough to...
  6. Kevin Cossaboon

    Was there a Firmware on 12/21?

    Still on original SB, and yesterday in the middle of crunching numbers for a early meeting, my SB decided it did not like the external monitor, when connected to the DOCK. I could get it working via a power cord and connecting the DP cord directly to the SB. This morning I was checking the...
  7. Kevin Cossaboon

    what would you do?

    Like your advise. I have had my SB for a month or so now. It is unstable. I think it is software, but I read people are able to get them exchanged. I did invest in Stikerboy and would need to remove it, but With the Windows 10 patch this week, the unit crashes every time it goes to sleep...
  8. Kevin Cossaboon

    Anyone try Just the tablet attached to the DOCK?

    This morning I got to work and thought, why struggle detaching the screen, to invert to rotate, then attach to the Doc so that I could have it in; Clipboard, with external Monitor. This way I can take hand written notes in OneNote and use the monitor. Instead I thought, when you detach the...
  9. Kevin Cossaboon

    first display display driver failure since Dec 2 update

    Just got two (in a row) display driver failures. Working in Outlook 2016 in Macros when all went black (not just a window) both Surface Book Screen and my Monitor. It recovered but sad to see them reappear
  10. Kevin Cossaboon

    System and compressed memory 32% CPU

    Is anyone else seeing the process "System and compressed memory" running 'hot'? I cam down this morning and on my Surface Book, I noticed it is about 85 degrees on the screen (it is in the clipboard configuration, attached to a dock) and the fans are running HARD third time I noticed the...
  11. Kevin Cossaboon

    Is this a Windows thing or a Surface Dock thing

    I have a Surface Book i7/512 with the Surface dock. It is random, if the monitor is recognized, or not. Most time if I power off, and power on, the external monitor is known. Most times when I reboot, the Surface Book Screen is know, and some oddly small monitor is seen in Display Settings, but...
  12. Kevin Cossaboon

    MS Wireless Adapter not working on Some Displays

    Just want to check before I return it that I am not missing something. I have the MS Wireless Display Adaptor. I power it up, connect it to different TV/Monitors and when it first powers up I see a display of Microsoft.... I can connect to it, and display content. I am having the following...
  13. Kevin Cossaboon

    Computer's reliability and problem history

    I am new (again) to windows after a long departure to OSX. Want to love the Surface Book. I get that I investing the time in a 6 month old OS on a 1 month old hardware platform, but should this be concerning to me? Clicking 'Check for Solution' does nothing on any of them....
  14. Kevin Cossaboon

    docked and screen down while powering on

    Is there a setting that would allow me to have a powered off SB connected to a SB Dock, be able to turn on and use external monitor, and keyboards?
  15. Kevin Cossaboon

    Interesting Start up of my New Surface Book

    I just picked up my Surface Book i7/512G from BestBuy. LONG road to get to it, but happy to be leaving with the new computer. 11:24 I took a picture of the Box to shoot the series of un boxing (I know goofy) 1:34 I took a picture of the unit working...... 2 hours and 10 minutes. Turned the...

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