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    is the 8gb ram worth it?

    Hi guys! So I preordered the i5 128gb pro 3 but now thinking I should have gotten the 8gb ram version. Its mostly for school but I will play some games on it as well. How much of a difference will the extra ram make? I dont need the extra storage so wish it was not an extra 300 dollars...
  2. J

    just bought a new type cover from ebay that does not work!!

    I just received a new type cover that I bought off ebay. It is not working. I know it is not my device because I also have a touch cover that works fine. ive tried restarting the computer and connecting the keyboard a bunch of times but it wont register. is there anything I have to change in...
  3. J

    how to get accidentle protection

    How do I go about getting the accidental coverage for my surface pro if I bought it about a month or more ago from best buy? Is it possible? Also not sure if I need it because my issue is that one of the bands on the hinge snapped and then caused a crack in the stand. I have never dropped or...
  4. J

    a few touch cover questions

    hey guys so I just receieved the touch cover for my surface pro. I bought it on ebay new for 70 dollars. I would definitely rather have the type cover but wanted to wait to see if the keyboard with battery was coming out soon until I spent a lot on the keyboard. the touch cover is actually...
  5. J

    Change back to 4 or 3 tiles...

    Hey guys so I saw the thread on getting 4-5 tiles on your pro instead of the usual three. I actually just downloaded the registry file from here Get Four or Five Rows of Tiles on Your Surface Pro Start Screen — I do like having 5 tiles but I think everything else that it...
  6. J

    Surface warranty

    Is their a way to purchase the Microsoft warranty if you didn't buy directly from them? I don't see it as an option online except when actually purchasing the pro.
  7. J

    Post pictures of your surface Pro

    Hey guys! Thought it would be cool to have a thread of pictures of the Pro. Maybe with your keyboards or accessories and setup where you're using it most. Just no many pictures around
  8. J

    Surface Pro Battery tips

    Hey guys so I know there are a few things that can improve battery life and some things that are supposed to help but may be a mith? Things as only draining battery to 10% and charging to 90% or something like this. What are tips that help? Also if you guys have changed your cpu settings that...

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