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    better camera app?

    is the camera on the pro as bad as it is on the surface RT. I am absolutely shocked by how bad this thing is.
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    For Android Phone Users: Great app to add Calendar Events w/ Contact Info

    I imported my calendar into and installed the outlook app. The outlook android app will sync one of my calendars with my phone, but not the main one. Not sure why. It also will not sync with my surface RT. really making me mad! I exported my google calendar as an ical file and...
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    I give up xbox music...

    My love hate relationship with xbox music has finally come to close. I have cancelled my subscription and gone back to Spotify. I couldn't handle the metro interface on my large desktop screen anymore, lack of support for my android phone, and clunky interface was enough. The bit rate is...
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    mlb gameday audio or buy the mlb at bat premium app for ios or android. it's $20 a season. i'm not sure if they have it for windows phone. I would recommend the app over the gameday audio, because when you listen using the surface browser when the thing goes into sleep mode it shuts off the...
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    Word 2013 a complete disaster.

    Yes! Like the fat guy on Jurassic Park....
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    And as someone from Irving might understand, I'm am completely getting screwed with watching baseball this year. I'm an Astros fan and they are no longer on fox sports net, but instead on Comcast sports which DirecTV does not support yet. I can't watch the Astros on because they are in...
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    Finally figured out why Autocorrect on the SP is so weak and I think I like it...

    SwiftKey is similar to the blackberry Z10, but it puts the suggestion above the entire keyboard rather than over the individual keys. I think the blackberry may be a bit better. Not sure.
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    I subscribe to the game day audio and for some reason it only includes the video version. Not sure why. On every other device it supports both.
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    Best Music App - Not Xbox

    is nokia music like xbox music, spotify, rdio, where it allows unlimited streaming of songs?
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    Finally figured out why Autocorrect on the SP is so weak and I think I like it...

    I agree completely that I hate auto correct when using a keyboard because my mistakes are fewer and I would prefer the red underline with the spell check at the end. when it autocorrects it often just picks the wrong word! would be nice when the on screen keyboard is in use to...
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    Xbox music update is solid

    it says version
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    Xbox music update is solid

    yep. not sure what's going on. it's not there on my surface or my desktop
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    Xbox music update is solid

    Nope, all I have is a back arrow. How strange.
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    Xbox music update is solid

    You mean the back button? That does not always go back to the home screen. If you have been searching through numerous albums and artists, you have to cycle through them all to get back to the main screen.
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    Google Earth

    I think Google pulling 3rd party compatibility with reader and calendar is a sign of things to come. They are moving more to an apple model where their apps support for other platforms will wane. I would not expect a Google earth for win 8
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    Xbox music update is solid

    I also think something this app really needs is a home button. So simple, but yet so useful.
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    Xbox music update is solid

    I had a weird deal where Xbox music would not recognize an album I added but it showed up under "songs." Eventually gave up and Re ripped and it worked. I just get frustrated because I get that it needs a touch interface, but it's not like they don't know how to make a good full featured media...
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    Xbox music update is solid

    Uh, I have come to expect random glitches with Microsoft software as the norm. Just have to power through it. O
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    Surface RT podcaster thoughts. What are you using?

    I used google reader....for now....haha

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