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    Windows has "Expired" / Surface 3 Won't Start

    I upgraded several months ago from my Surface 3 to the Surface Pro 4, but I donated the S3 to the nonprofit where I work. Now it's come to my attention that when we try to boot it up, it takes us to a screen that says our version of Windows has 'expired' and that we need to use a recovery USB...
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    Rumors of a Surface 4

    Are there any credible rumors of a Surface 4? This one offers speculation without proof.... Microsoft confirms it will stop production of Surface 3 - Surface 4 ahoy?
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    It was a good run...

    There are rumors now of a SURFACE 4: Microsoft confirms it will stop production of Surface 3 - Surface 4 ahoy?
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    Can I make Google stop nagging me about Chrome!

    Ok sometime in late spring, Google decided that EVERY-FREAKING-TIME I visit YouTube or GMail or Google Voice with the Edge browser, they will **ahem** gently remind me that there's a better browser to use with their products called Chrome, and please won't I consider downloading it?......and...
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    Just bought my SP4! What are your favourite apps?

    If we're discussing purely "mobile apps," as in, from the app store, after the novelty has worn off, the apps that I still consistently use (at least once a week if not daily) are: Drawboard PDF, Redditing (Reddit app), Facebook (although I usually use the browser to actively do Facebook, I rely...
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    Surface Pro 4 firmware/hardware updates 4/19/2016

    Like many others, I also got the rebooted, seems to have installed most of the files, but left one uninstalled: driver update for Intel(R) Control Logic. Still won't install it.
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    Running Android Apps Without Triggering Fan

    Wow, had no idea there were that many options. I knew of three. :)
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    Running Android Apps Without Triggering Fan

    I've stopped using Android apps as much on my Surface Pro 4, because it seems like, as soon as I start up the Android system, within a minute or so, the fan has kicked on. Does anyone know of an Android emulator / program that will not so easily cause the fan to come on?
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    will there be a Surface 4 (non-Pro)

    This summer, I will buy something in that size and form factor. If a Surface 4 is available, that's what I'll get. If not I'll get the Google Pixel C. (Either way, I'm keeping the Surface Pro 4).
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    How to make the i5/i7 SP4 fanless

    I started noticing that my fan was coming on, but after some trial-and-error, I discovered it was always when either I had Chrome running or the Spotify desktop program. Since I listen to music on my Amazon Echo, I really had no use for Spotify on my Surface, so I got rid of it, and now I'm...
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    Surface Pro 4 - I feel ashamed for buying it.

    Agreed. I had a few inconsequential issues that have resolved themselves with subsequent updates.
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    Surface Pro 4 - I feel ashamed for buying it.

    I sensed this person was a troll, and he eventually confirmed it when he said: " Also, the Microsoft Store is so poor in the apps library that i can't even find a decent PDF reader where i could add and personalize my own library. Something that could at least be 50% of what IBooks is. In other...
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    Share your desktop

    Here's mine.
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    Kindle Problems on Surface Pro 4

    Someone reminded me that there is a desktop version of Kindle, so I downloaded it.....and it works fine.
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    Kindle Problems on Surface Pro 4

    Since getting my Surface Pro 4, I've not been able to get the Kindle app working. It installs but as soon as I try to download one of my books that I've already purchased, I get an error that says something like "Error downloading content." I've tried many times over the past couple of months...
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    New Intel drivers available

    I haven't had graphics driver crashes for weeks now, so I'll pass
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    Downloading Amazon Prime video

    I haven't noticed an overheating issue with Bluestacks, but keep in mind, I'm on the SP4, not the 2.
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    Downloading Amazon Prime video

    The way to get around this Amazon restriction and download Prime videos to your Surface is to install either Amiduos or Bluestacks to your device. As we've mentioned many times, these are programs that allow you to run Android apps. I just tested this and through Bluestacks, I opened the...
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    More Surface tablets sold online in October than iPad tablets

    That makes it nonetheless important as a milestone, since the release of the Surface Pro 3 did not cause this big of a ripple, and iPad managed to continue beating it handily every month....until this past October.
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    More Surface tablets sold online in October than iPad tablets

    You know who else is saying that the SURFACE devices took 45% online market share? iPadBusiness says it. " In October, Microsoft did something it’s never done before, it generated more revenue selling its Surface line of PC/tablet hybrids to online consumers than Apple made selling iPads...

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