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    Regrettably, returning my second Surface Pro ...

    I had to return my first Surface Pro due to it having a clump, maybe 10 in total, of dead pixels in the center of the screen. Unbelievably annoying, obviously. I was able to get my hands on another one a few days later, but I will be returning this one as well. I can understand some...
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    Finally got the Pro ... but

    So after not wanting to wait for a 128gb model to replenish, I decided to get the smaller version with a large MSD card. So far, I love it. This is coming from someone who has used nothing but iPad since it's release. Now, unfortunately, that is where the praise ends. I have a clump of dead...
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    mSATA upgrade

    Aside from the obvious warranty void upon doing such an upgrade, can anyone see any issues with removing the current Micron 64GB mSATA drive that is in the Surface Pro and upgrading it to an ADATA 256GB 500/500 drive?
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    Hello from Canada!

    Hello all, I am a soon-to-be new Surface Pro owner. Not unlike many I'm sure, I am just waiting on the 128GB to come back into stock. Coming from a hacking background, supported with strong hardware knowledge, both PC and Mac. In fact, I just sold nearly all of my Apple product, and I...

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