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  1. Jay Marino

    MS Surface Pro (2017) with LTE Release date?

    I have been searching to replace my SP3 with the SP2017 with LTE. They were available for a few days and then removed from the website. One affiliate site says they will be ready for sale in Spring 2018? Anyone have any inside information as to when these LTE devices will come out?
  2. Jay Marino

    SP3 and WIN10 Creators Update

    So, the Fall Creators update was released like 2 weeks ago. I heard that newer machines would get the download first. I check for updates every day and the update is still not ready for me. Did you guys get the update automatically or did you have to manually update?
  3. Jay Marino

    SP3 user looking to SP5

    So far the information online shows that the new SP5 will in fact use the Kaby Lake Processors and it will retain the SP3/SP4 charger or dock plug. Thats good for me since I have a SP3 and a SP4 dock and a charger and a car charger. If it wasn't for the poor battery quality of the SP3, I would...
  4. Jay Marino

    Four total monitors.

    I have had a 4 monitor setup in the past. It was three external and then the Surface screen. This was accomplished by using the surface pro 3 dock. I used the: 1.) Surface Screen 2.) Minidisplay on the sp3 dock 3.) Minidisplay on the SP3 4.) USB to VGA cord. The above setup worked pretty...
  5. Jay Marino

    Weird Disconnecting Issue.

    So, randomly about every day, my computer goes through this disconnecting issue. Where, even during periods of activity it does this: 1.) Boom! Auto rotate on. 2.) Boom! Drive D and Drive G disconnected (I have a HD plugged into the back behind the kickstand and a USB drive attached to the...
  6. Jay Marino

    Periodic Bluetooth Disconnect.

    anyone else have this issue, where at random times, the bluetooth just disconnects? Very frustrating when you are using a bluetooth mouse and bluetooth keyboard. (both surface products) I have followed the instructions from this website: How to Stop Your Bluetooth Mouse from Constantly...
  7. Jay Marino

    Firmware Update 1/31/2017

    A Surface Pro 3 firmware update is now available | On MSFT just downloaded my firmware update.... not sure what it does..... anyone have any news?
  8. Jay Marino

    Touch Screen Keyboard...Help

    So, when I am using the SP3 as just a tablet...... and I touch the keyboard icon on the lower right corner it gives me the keyboard. If I have used the pen at all instead of the keyboard, it brings up a writing line to hand write instead of keyboard. Does anyone know how to change this or...
  9. Jay Marino

    Battery Maintenance.....what's best?

    My SP3 has about a 4% battery wear level after about 6 months use (hard to say because my current SP3 is a refurb). Anyway, I am concerned that the battery life already can go pretty quickly, and if I get the battery wear level to 10 or 15% which I guess could happen in a couple years, what's...
  10. Jay Marino

    New Docking Station...Should I do SP3 or SP4?

    So, I have a SP3 and a SP3 docking station at work and absolutely love it. I'm thinking about getting another docking station for home. I love the fact that I can just slap it in and everything works perfectly. I have heard some bad things about the new docking stations that they don't work...
  11. Jay Marino

    TouchScreen Monitor.

    Currently using the SP3 with the docking station. Then using the minidisplay port on the back of the docking station to extend to another larger monitor. (Thus having two screens) Is this also compatible with another touch screen monitor? Then both the device and the extended monitor would...
  12. Jay Marino

    Tablet Keyboard Mode Changes....

    When you are using the Surface as a tablet only. (non tablet mode) ...and you are using the pen to navigate around... And you touch the keyboard icon to get the keyboard up to do some on-screen typing.... it defaults into the pen keyboard, like to "write" out the letters... How can you...
  13. Jay Marino

    New Firmware Release and Update...

    Here are the changes that the Update provided: Surface Pro 3: Surface Pro Embedded Controller Firmware update (v38.9.50.0) improves system start-up reliability. Surface Pro UEFI update (v3.11.1150.0) adds pen support in UEFI menus and improved support for 3rd party onscreen keyboards. Surface...
  14. Jay Marino

    Surface Pen.....How's it working for ya?

    I have an SP3 i7 256GB and when I opened it and fired her up...I tried the pen out. Wow was it accurate. It was literally just like a pen and paper. Then after about a month, it wasn't working as well. For instance if I write the word "Microsoft" in regular letters (not cursive) the M comes...

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