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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Think build 10130 has been the longest build I've used (2 days, lol, but on and off). Gotta revert back to 8.1 again because my fan just does not stop going, and sleep/locking is very wonky. Fan still runs even though there are no processes using the CPU and CPU percentage is at normal idle...
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    I think really all they had to do is move the Online/Offline Status Column to the left most so its the first thing users see, and change it to some sort of icon that is online or offline... but it's probably more of a "lets be more consistent across platforms, and since other platforms don't...
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    Bluetooth Mouse for Surface Pro 3

    Using the Microsoft Arc Touch Surface Edition. Works nicely
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    Why do reviewers insist on including price of keyboard in review?

    I think it's because its marketed as a potential laptop replacement, and reviewers are so keen on testing it against that motto. I think they'd have less firepower on that front if Microsoft offered a similar cover that was just simply a cover and sold that for like 30$ or something. That way...
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    When do you use SP3 in tablet mode?

    3% laptop, 90% tablet, 7% desktop. Don't really dock it. I just have a hub and an HDMI cable at my desk.
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    Any skins/stickers for the Band? I've been using the black carbon one for quite sometime. Pretty nice. Has a glassy feel to it.
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    keyboard AND type cover?

    I do. Why I wish there were just covers sold that were cheaper than the role covers. I've never had that issue though, but I use a wired keyboard.
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    Battery percentage indicator on windows not showing time to empty

    This depends by manufacturer and if it will be enabled. In Windows 8.x it will not show on Surface Pro 3's. Windows 10 seems to enable it though. The reason for this that was given years ago (cannot find reference) is to prevent users from confusing themselves with how much time they have as it...
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    Kickstand Feet?

    Yeah, it's just glued on I think since there was a ton of sticky residue left. Mine fell off somewhere. I'm guessing the magnets used for the keyboard were strong enough to have pulled it off after a while or something pulled it off somewhere. I wish they made it a little stronger I guess. I'm...
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    Surface Pro 3 Screen Calibration Values

    @OP have you tried using Window's built in display calibration? Wonder if you could achieve a similar effect. Maybe decrease green by 5, and red by 2 or 3? The only control you wouldn't have is over the color's contrast. Not sure if it is 1:1 with IntelHD Control Panel's adjustments. Might be a...
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    Kickstand Feet?

    Apparently the feet (the feet and that darker gray strip on the bottom of the kickstand) of my kickstand have disappeared and now when its shut, it doesn't stay shut due to the give that is allowed on the kickstand. Seems like those feet might have been a different material to help the kickstand...
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    Coloured Surface Pens

    Pink: No clip though.
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    Why doesn't Microsoft default to the 4 character Pin

    They really should have given the options during OOBE sequence. Discovery of these things is abysmal. Picture Password is really awesome, I use it instead of PIN, but no one knows about it. I can see when you enter your Microsoft Account details it should ask you if you want to use a PIN or...
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    Disappointing N-trig Pen lag and accuracy on the Surface Pro 3...

    In Windows 10 I turn off the cursor so the cursor lag doesn't distract me. This allows me to focus on the tip instead of the pointer on the screen, because as you mentioned as soon as it hits the screen its pretty accurate; if anything the cursor is a distraction and I'm glad they included an...
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    Improving SSD performance

    No problems with battery here. Still getting about 7-8 hours. Windows 10 demolishes it that though, I get like 3 hours! Ended up having to dual boot (using VHD) if I wanted to give back feedback for 10. But under Windows 8.1 its still going strong with my battery (~6% of wear so far).
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    Has the surface totally replaced your tablet?

    Replaced any consumption tablet possibility for me (maybe except for a mini, but I'm waiting for the Surface on that one), my laptop and desktop. :) Laptop is understandable. As a tablet because all I need is IE, and PressPlay Video. Desktop because I throw a USB hub (with wireless keyboard and...
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    Turn Screen Off Without Sleeping?

    I used to use these back in the Vista era
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    Very strange pen behavior (Video included)

    That seems very weird indeed. It looks like from the video it is going between pen input and erase. First thing that comes to mind is the eraser button is broken causing it to be loose in a fashion and accidently be triggered. However you started you got a new pen. Another thing that comes to...
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    The point of the pen cursor is because Wacom can have offset so youd need it to be able to accurately do anything with it. The other reason is more legacy. Before having on screen digitizers tablets were a separate device so youd need that to see where your pen was, check out the Wacom Intuous...
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Anyone notice the ability to turn off the Pen cursor? Lag is less noticeable now since there isn't a visual cue, but it's still there, but not as apparent. I'd only advise this for N-Trig users as accuracy is a little bit better with those than Wacom, thus not really needed the cursor to show...

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