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    I give up xbox music...

    My love hate relationship with xbox music has finally come to close. I have cancelled my subscription and gone back to Spotify. I couldn't handle the metro interface on my large desktop screen anymore, lack of support for my android phone, and clunky interface was enough. The bit rate is...
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    Xbox music update is solid

    Unlike the terrible calendar update. Have to say the music update rocks. Makes the music app go from terrible to tolerable. My urge to return to spotify is waning.
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    They Cut off Google Calendar sync!!!

    What a bunch of jerks. Happened with the last update. Bummer.
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    Adobe Flash Player

    so tried to get MLB gameday audio to work in the browser today. it uses adobe flash, but just wouldn't load. works flawlessly on my PC. Any idea why this wouldn't work? I seem to remember IE10 on surface RT bragging about the flash support.
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    Xbox Music Troubleshooting

    I thought I could start a thread devoted to xbox music. It has sooooo much potential, but needs some work. There are a lot of quirky things with it. I'll start with the first question So the icons next to songs mean what? cloud radio song note absent icon
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    External Blu-Ray Player

    does anyone know if it is possible to use an external Blu-ray player/cd-burner with the surface? if so, what app would I use to?
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    Hello from Dallas

    Just joined. Surface is working well for me. Use it to surf on the couch, watch movies when travelling, lot of emailing, and light use of office for quick tasks. I use my phone more for music and photos.

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