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    Getting Jaggies under Photoshop

    Hello friends, I have a Win10 Surface Pro 4. I am using the default Surface Pro 4 stylus and the latest version of Photoshop. When I first unboxed my Surface Pro 4, I was delighted that there were no jagged lines under Photoshop whenever I would draw slowly. However, after loading all the...
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    Eraser is cumbersome under Photoshop - Help!

    Hello all, A friend and I are working with the following device: Up-to-date Win 10 Surface Pro 4 with the default stylus. Also loaded - the latest version of Photoshop. When trying to erase under Photoshop, the eraser erases in layers. Kind of like a real eraser, I guess. You will pass it...
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    Wacom Drivers for the Surface Pro 4

    Hello friends, A friend and I are working with a Surface Pro 4, using the standard stylus, Windows 10, and having loaded all the Win10 updates. Also of note on this machine: the latest version of Photoshop with all updates. What we really want to do is load the Wacom Drivers. According to...

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