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    Best USB GPS reciever for the Surface Pro

    I just use my android phones gps running sharegps from the playstore. Works awesome, drains battery but use the cig lighter to charge. Using GarminPc navigation, hits signal within a few seconds and doesn't loose it. I also setup a virtual to run android on the surface and port over the phones...
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    Office 2013 strange keyboard issue

    Thanks Sin, that did the trick, issue solved...2 thumbs up for all the help.
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    windows 8.1 Code name Blue

    Question: I was reading the article on the homepage that take you to verge on an article how Windows 8.1 will give you an option to bypass the metro start screen on boot to go directly to the desktop. I am confused as when I boot or restart I go directly to the desktop and not into the start...
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    Office 2013 strange keyboard issue

    I was stating the word and PowerPoint things as maybe there is a registry setting or something else so we can replicate that so the keyboard auto opens with other apps in desktop mode. I have also tried the compatibility thing but I still can not post or reply on metro on this forum. Anyone...
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    Office 2013 strange keyboard issue

    Hi Everyone, First post although I have been mainly coming to this forum to gain knowledge. Love my Surface Pro, has replaced both my desktop and laptop computers. I have Office 2013 installed and I have read other users wanting the keyboard to auto open when in desktop mode like it does in...
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    New HD 4000 Video Driver Officially Available at Intel (

    Ruffles... I have not had any stutter My driver also states with a date of 3/19/2013.. The control panel is different than previous versions, don't know why the driver is at 9 and not on 15?
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    New HD 4000 Video Driver Officially Available at Intel (

    Thank you for posting the link... Installed no issues. New control panel and as mitchellvii stated is snappier. I hope the 10% battery savings holds true.

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