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    NOOOOO!! Cracked :(

    Stupid thing.. slipped off my bed :( hit the worst way, and now the screen is cracked. Am I screwed, or is it possible to get it fixed? thanks
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    went from 20gb to 11.1 gb WITHOUT DOING A THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is F@#$%^ nuts! I mean seriously MS! WTF kind of idiots do they really have?? I always defend MS and actually like most of their products, but maybe people are right! So I bought my Surface 2 on launch day, because I loved the Surface RT so much, I just had to get the new one. I got the...
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    My Touch Keyboard broke??

    I did a full reset about a week ago, or so, my keyboard was fine, the touch2 black. I noticed lastnight during a reset it was updating something, didn't think about it until today at work. My keyboard is not responding at all.. When I detach and reattach it makes the noise and the keyboard...
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    Trying to do a refresh! not enough room???

    I swear, I have almost no apps installed, yet only have 4 gigs of free space on my 32gb Surface 2 it says I need to have at least 6gb free. Well, how can I get more room? where in the world is all the space being taken up from?
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    WTF! battery problems!

    I defend this tablet all over the place and have to battle many stupid apple fans. but now I'm having an issue. All of a sudden my battery is being drained at night. I normally watch a tv show or 2 before bed on netflix or other sites, then swipe down to close, press the sleep button...
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    touch keyboard.. How in the world???

    So my Surface was asleep, in laptop form (kickstand out keyboard laying flat) I went to press the windows key to wake it up and stopped to do something else quickly, realized the keyboard was lit up. Not sure why it never went to sleep like the tablet did, but I waited and sure enough the...
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    Why do some sites not stream??

    Ok.. Real talk.. there is a certain site like to visit, one of my favorites is a ... umm.. dirty site NOT SAFE FOR WORK, its beeg dot com. In anycase, :) for some reason, every time I click a video, rather then simply streaming it, like it does on every device I have (including other tables)...
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    I exchanged my Surface 2 because.....

    Just wondering if anyone else went through this. I'm a huge Android fan, and an Apple hater :) but I saw the Surface RT on ebay for 199.99 with keyboard, refurbished. Wasn't expecting much from it, from the hate it got all over the net. After some time of using it, I realized this Tablet is...

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