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    Kickstand Feet?

    Apparently the feet (the feet and that darker gray strip on the bottom of the kickstand) of my kickstand have disappeared and now when its shut, it doesn't stay shut due to the give that is allowed on the kickstand. Seems like those feet might have been a different material to help the kickstand...
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    New N-Trig Pen

    Looks like N-Trig is selling their own pens now. Black and blue models, with the nibs looking similar to the SP3 pen. About 10$ cheaper too...
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    Weight Supported on Hinge? (Canvas Mode)

    Anyone know how much weight is supported on the hinge? Afraid of using canvas mode for what its meant (as a canvas) because of my "heavy" hand. Can't find any real documentation of this and every time I rest my palm there is some give, but how much give is too much. This is like the main reason...
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    Possible Workaround for BT + Wifi on 2.4GHz

    Thought I'd give this a try after this months updates, but if you did, you'd still notice that streaming audio of BT and trying to stream a movie or rather just use the internet would kill your download speed. I did a little bit of searching, and some people with SP didn't have this issue prior...

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