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    FYI - Restore Disk Error

    Howdy! Adam Orion here from CrashCtrl. Glad it ended up working for you! You can always post any follow-ups or tips at CrashCtrl as well for any who happen to pass through and find themselves in the same boat.
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    Are Surface Pro Windows 8 drivers available through Windows Update?

    I have made a small guide for MDT and the Surface Pro here. I'm not sure if that's any help here. We also have the drivers hosted for Surface Pro here.
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    Surface Pro Firmware Update Issues

    You may have to completely delete the drivers during the uninstall as well. I'm not certain if an uninstall in this way would inadvertently affect the bootup process or irreparably harm the firmware though. I'm one of the guys at CrashCtrl so we are working to get the new firmware drivers posted...
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    Condition of Replacement Units

    Howdy, Author of that article here. If you go to the answered and unanswered areas of the Surface Pro community forum, you will find a few mentions of this occurring, which is why I put it out there for all to see. Poor replacement policy if it is happening on a large scale. I have not...
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    Surface Pro Drivers

    I meant over/underscan on external monitors/TVs. Per an answer on from a moderator, Microsoft is working on the different DPI/scaling when using an external monitor. I am thinking it will be a Windows 9/Blue feature personally.
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    Surface Pro Drivers

    Howdy, I am one of the proprieters of CRASHCTRL | Blogging about tech stuff. 'Nuff said.. We compiled this page due to demand and lack of a driver support page via Microsoft. The drivers are generally the same as a stock image. But if you reinstall Windows and wipe the stock image, you...

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