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    lost wifi after november update

    I've tried the update twice. After the first time, i uninstalled my VPN and ran update again. No luck, still no wifi. Anyone have any tips/experience on this one?
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    How many times have you replaced the main battery in your SP3 Pen?

    I use the pen a lot. Any time it starts doing something weird, i change the battery.
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    New Pen, SP3, antireflective glass protector

    what matte screen are you using?
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    Will SP4 pen work on SP3 identically?

    I tried the sp4 pen on the sp3 glass last week. I only had a few strokes when the guy came over and started chatting me up. Then my wife and 2 year old came in with directions to bail :D It feels good but i didnt get an opportunity to really put it through its paces or compare like i wanted...
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    GWX configManager constantly running?

    Apparently, it's some utility that lets ms check your system to update to windows 10. THis thing just keeps running at 25% cpu all the time and starting to really annoy me. Fans come on and battery drains. Anybody else getting this issue?
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    Help with my Surface Pro 3 Pen

    That happened to me but unfortunately i had purchased a backup pen the day before and started using that. I think it might be the battery but i havent had a chance to grab a new one yet. I'll try that and let you know. The backup pen (htc) works great
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    Poll SP3 Pen Grip

    i made a grip with sugru (mold-able rubber compound) which helped a lot. I ended up taking it off after a couple months because it wasn't quite perfect. I like your design.
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    The Foundry Mischief

    I am thoroughly enjoying this for sketching. The ability to zoom in and do detail or build up a drawing is incredible.
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    OFFICIAL I Now Have a Surface Pro 3 i7

    Picked up an i7 256 in early September. I absolutely loved it. Most versatile computer I've used in years. I draw and do design/dev work. I find this machine indispensable for planning and sketching. I noticed pretty early on that there was a strange ring and what looked like heat lines on...
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    Solved Sp3 Pressure Fix - And my thoughts/fixes so far

    a quick note that helped me out a lot - pull the tip out of your pen and reset back in. my pen was performing horribly. it would hardly write, especially at an angle. I almost returned the machine. things are working wonderfully now.

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