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    OneDrive files. What is the position of Microsoft ?

    I'm glad I saw this. Now I know after I rollback to 8.1 not to bother with 10.1. I have my music on the cloud and I don't have enough drive space to download it all and the offline files worked great. Maybe they should abandon 16gb devices. If you only have 16gb of space, I think it's pretty...
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    Three days in and very little works properly

    I found that if I wanted to click the minimize button in office, I would need to click slightly higher or slightly below the button. I can actually use the touchscreen with my fingers to hit the buttons rather easily, which is one of the few if not the only improvement on the tablet with...
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    What the hell is up with OneDrive? A huge step backwards

    I have many issues with Windows 10... no more quick switching apps, even if you only have two open... instead, it forces you to load the open app previews and pick one, and it's annoying as shit. The new start menu itself in theory would be nice if I used a dock, but it's no more than the...
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    i5 vs i7 performance

    Have you tried running Windows Server 2012 directly? I run Windows Server 2008 R2 on my desktop, runs much better than Windows 7 (it's desktop OS counterpart). I wonder if I could make Windows Server run okay on the Surface, much like Windows 2008 R2 looks and operates just like Windows 7...
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    i5 vs i7 performance

    Well like I said I have no issues with 4gb for the most part on Win8.1 on the Surface Pro 1. But on the desktop and my work laptop, going from 4 to 8 was like night and day!
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    i5 vs i7 performance

    Oh, interesting. I wonder if it's specifically MYOB related (which I don't run myself) or if SQL server may run notably faster too, which I run in a development capacity (only a very small database though). I don't think I know anyone with an i7 that I could ask them if I could play around...
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    i5 vs i7 performance

    Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for. Seems to be extremely minuscule gains for the i7, except in SuperPi. I'll save the money and get the i5, at least when I get the money for it. The i5 in the Surface Pro is fine for light Visual studio work, photoshop etc too, so I know I'll...
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    i5 vs i7 performance

    I manage okay with the 128gb now. It's just that with the 256gb, I could keep my full music collection on it, and still have plenty of room. I think it's worth it to me, and with 8gb RAM would also be nice, but it runs fine with 4.
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    i5 vs i7 performance

    Hey guys, I have a 128gb Surface Pro 1 right now, and I like it a lot. But I was in best buy recently, and they had the Surface Pro 3, and I was really impressed with it. It fixed my major complaints about the 1 (battery life and weight) and increased the screen size effectively at the same...
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    Screen Space (Question for Visual Studio Developers)

    I got my hands on a Surface Pro on Saturday. Haven't had much time to play with it yet really, but I did install Visual studio and setup IIS, and I think it will work for most of what I need it for (occasional coding on the road where I cannot lug my desktop). I can also use it to do a lot of...
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    What accessories do you plan to use with your Surface Pro?

    I am planning on buying a type cover with mine, and probably a leather case. Amazon has a few for the Surface RT (I imagine the Pro will fit) for cheap that look pretty nice. That will be all I get, initially although at some point I may get a Micro-SD card to go with it. And maybe I'll...
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    What are your MS Office plans for your Surface Pro?

    That's because 2003 had the best UI. I'd assume running 2003 over 2007/2010 anyway, but 2013 looks like it may be an upgrade especially on the touchscreen.
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    CES: Hands-on with the Razer Edge (World's Most Powerful Gaming Tablet)

    It's only 1366x766 resolution if I'm not mistaken, so most games should run fine. I'd rather game on my desktop though, cheaper to build, more comfortable to game on... my life doesn't revolve around gaming so I don't have a purpose for a gaming tablet not to mention a gaming laptop.
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    And the Apple fan boys are already gathering ammo

    Of course, apple fanboys wouldn't know what C.S.S. is! let's go add a few redirects...
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    And the Apple fan boys are already gathering ammo

    Voted yes, since I'm 90% sure I'm getting one.
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    Screen Space (Question for Visual Studio Developers)

    I would like to get a tablet for books, and could use a second computer for mostly web browsing or messenger while watching movies or gaming on the xbox -- a tablet would actually be more ideal than a computer as the screens are smaller and thus not as bright. I have some friends and my partner...