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    SP4 Wireless

    Have you guys been able to get your SP4s anywhere close to the 866mbps AC speeds that the 2 radio AC Marvell chip should be connected at? In the same room, 15 feet away, I can only manage 400mbps. Its less than 150 with a few walls in between. The desktop with a 3 stream wireless N card I just...
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    Solved Onscreen Keyboard Type Sound

    How can I disable this? There was a nice soft switch off on my surface 1, inside windows 8 settings to do it. Cant find it in windows 10. Tried searching google, but havent come across anything. Thanks for help.
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    Resolution and Scaling Docked vs Undocked

    Are there any secrets to this issue? For example, when you are undocked, using a Surface screen, the resolution is so high that you need scaling in windows to 200% recommended. Also, Edge and IE need about that percent well. Then lets say you want to re-dock with your monitors that have lower...
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    Wireless AC Speed for SP4

    I have been searching online to try and find the number of antennas or the wireless AC speed at which the SP4 uses. Can't seem to find anything. Do you all have any links that show it?
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    SP4 CPU Selection

    Wanted to ask you all what you think of the selections of CPUs. We've certainly got a good choice. I had the SP1 i5, and that CPU along with the blazzin' fast SSD made for very quick Windows operations. For my use, I normally use the surface as a 2nd PC for Web, Email, Word (my desktop is...

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