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  1. charly1811

    Best Custom power plan?

    I think the best setting to edit is Intel Graphic power plan . If you use the Version from Intel website you can edit it with the Intel Control Panel . Else If you run the MS Version edit this setting in change plan settings > change advanced power settings
  2. charly1811

    Why HD 4000 drivers from Microsoft are Outdated ?

    Hi everyone . Today windows update noticed me an update about a Driver . After installation a saw that it was about my graphic card . The Driver they sent me is outdated . After Installed the update i went to Intel Driver Update utility to check if this is really the lastest driver MS sent me ...
  3. charly1811

    Why Did You Buy Your Surface Pro and How Do You Use It?

    I got mine because I'm going to do the computer science degree . I wanted something I can have anytime at university to take note easily , work and which is a good piece of hardware for programming and playing games. And now as I have DualBooted with ArchLinux I have the Computer/Tablet of my...
  4. charly1811

    Hello World

    thank you Leeshor
  5. charly1811

    Hello World

    Hi everyone . My name is Charles-Eugene or (Chary1811 if you prefer) i am 18 Years Old and I'm from Ivory Coast in Africa. I like playing games listening music and programming (I am a newbie in this programming) I own a MS Surface Pro and I have joined this forum to communicate with other owner...

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