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  1. fosking

    Panasonic Reveals Insane 20-inch Tablet with 4K Resolution Display

    Haha, reminds me of Trigger Happy TV.
  2. fosking

    Oh, Crap!

    Haha, dafuq. Hope you get it sorted soon. Look into picking up the Pro if it's gonna be 3 months ;)
  3. fosking

    [Rumor] Microsoft Cuts Target Orders for Surface RT Tablets in Half to 2 Million

    It would be nice but Microsoft are still saying today "early 2013".
  4. fosking

    Just got mail from Microsoft listing Surface Pro Starting @ price

    Shame there's no European prices yet. Hope they don't wait too long.
  5. fosking

    Laugh Of The Day-Add Yours Here

  6. fosking

    Laugh Of The Day-Add Yours Here

  7. fosking

    Laugh Of The Day-Add Yours Here

  8. fosking

    Steve Ballmer confirms Microsoft's intentions to produce more hardware

    Microsoft have played this game well. They have seen the massive success of Apple and probably understood taking them head on through their boom wasn't a good game plan. Today the market is changing and depending how much Microsoft want it, they can be a market leader once again.
  9. fosking

    [Rumor] Surface Pro and Xbox Surface Manufacturing Might Start in December

    I do worry about this Jan/Feb launch. I believe it's going to be a month or two too late. If I was Microsoft, I would have made sure I got in the holiday sales and on top of that, not too many people are going to have a grand to drop on a gadget just after Christmas where people have already...
  10. fosking

    Laugh Of The Day-Add Yours Here

  11. fosking

    Lawyer sues Microsoft over Surface disk space

    These sorts of people make me sick. He clearly knew this before he bought a Surface. Not only did he not use one of the two options of either using an SD card or even better for him taking it back. He decides to sue. He won't get anything except a red face walking out the court empty handed.
  12. fosking

    Microsoft's Surface tablet has "modest" start: Ballmer

    It's the Pro numbers I'm looking forward to seeing.
  13. fosking

    Surface Graffiti

    Love this...
  14. fosking

    Phone Arena Has Review Comparing the Apple iPad 4 vs Microsoft Surface RT

    The 3 things the Surface RT falls behind on are the Screen, Camera and apps. The first two (screen and camera) will be undoubtedly upgraded in Surface RT 2, the apps will see a big push forward over the year to quickly close the gap between Apple and Microsoft. I think once the the RT has a new...
  15. fosking

    Microsoft Surface owners report random sound issues

    As J515OP said, I can see a nice update coming out around the same time the Pro version is available.
  16. fosking

    Laugh Of The Day-Add Yours Here

  17. fosking

    First Microsoft Surface Ad "Movement"
  18. fosking

    [NOT REAL] Surface Phone 8 Concept? What Do You Think?

    I would buy one! I love that slim brick design for a phone, I think it looks very sleek.

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