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  1. nnthemperor

    Help SB can't play YouTube video

    My SB is driving me crazy, nothing seems to work on this "high end" device. Apart from the constant crashing of every website in edge, I found out last night, I can't play any YouTube videos, not in edge which keeps giving me the " is not responding"message, not in IE which keeps...
  2. nnthemperor

    Anniversary update bug

    Anyone experiencing the notification and action center bug? Notifications freeze both the taskbar and action panel and needs a reboot. Sometimes though it refreshes by itself. Wonder if I should revert to the previous build and try updating once again.
  3. nnthemperor

    Latest Intel graphic card update

    Hi, Wondering if anyone had a failed update like me with the just released Intel graphic card update and if so, did it affect windows hello on your device. After installing updates this morning (apart from the failed one) windows hello failed to log me in. Sent from my SC-01F using Tapatalk
  4. nnthemperor

    Windows update error 0x80242fff

    Any tips on how to fix this. Updates keep failing to install after a reset. Opted out of the insider circle and can't even restart it. Some problem with security setting that I can't even find. Please help guys. Thanks. Sent from my SC-01F using Tapatalk
  5. nnthemperor

    Poor quality apps

    I wonder if others are experiencing the poor quality of some apps on Windows 10. They seem like the devs don't even care to add features or even maintain them. The Facebook app keeps crashing or most times opening the web version when you click on notifications in the app. Tapatalk is about the...
  6. nnthemperor

    SD card drive not showing in settings in 14267

    Hi guys, in 14267 the external drive shows in Explorer but not in settings. Trying to save apps to the SD card, but with it not showing its impossible. However, on my other device thats not on the insider ring it saved successfully. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. nnthemperor

    Any fix for the fast boot bug in 14267 yet?

    As the title says, just wondering if there's been any fix via updates by MS for the 14267 bug where it fails to startup unitl a hard reset each time. I switched to the slow ring with that build, the fast lane was getting to risky for me. Don't the slow ring ever get any updates?
  8. nnthemperor

    Solved Store apps failing to install in windows 10

    Guys any idea what could be returning the error message unable to install app? error code 0x80070006
  9. nnthemperor

    Help! SP3 stuck in infinite reboot loop

    Hi guys, Just installed some windows 10 inside preview update (not a new build as I'm already on the latest build) this morning and something went wrong during the installation. I keep getting the BSOD and automatic repair just keeps asking me to restart or try advanced options. Both of these...
  10. nnthemperor

    Windows update stuck at 44% downloading updates

    Help! Win update has been stuck at 44% downloading some security updates and I don't have any way to abort the download and restart. It's not affecting my use of the device, but i figure it might be preventing other updates. Any advice?
  11. nnthemperor

    Is there a problem with the recent windows updates?

    Hey guys. I've had to reset my SP3 twice in two days because of a bad update that hangs the device. So I was wondering if anyone has had problems with the March, 10th updates. I'm kinda wary of installing any of the 82 updates including FW that is pending after my just concluded reset. My SP3...
  12. nnthemperor

    Word (office 365) duplicating files

    Hi guys, I'm having problem with my office 365 word program. Each time I open a document in word it automatically creates two cache files and one file always says cannot open while the other opens. I started noticing this weird behavior about a month ago and it's getting really annoying...
  13. nnthemperor

    Fan kicking into high gear when viewing certain sites in modern IE

    Hi guys, lately I've noticed the CPU usage spike up and the fan kicking into high gear when I'm browsing the site in modern internet explorer. It really makes the pages loaded very slowly. Wonder if anyone experienced this too.
  14. nnthemperor

    Multitasking in windows (a suggestion for Win 10)

    Hi guys, I've always wondered why the multi window (snapping two windows side by side) both on the desktop and the metro environment is not smartly implemented. I believe it should rotate with the screen orientation. I mean in landslide orientation the windows or snapped apps should open side...
  15. nnthemperor

    Apps not closing after last update

    Hi, I just noticed that when I close apps either by dragging down from top and holding it for a few seconds until it flips over our by clicking the x mark in the case of KB, it doesn't close the apps completely but let's them continue running in the background. I open task manager and have to...

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