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    New user accounts in SP4

    Hello everyone. I use my SP for both my job and my personal life. Right now, I only have my Microsoft account in the device, and use Windows Hello to log into it. I´d like to have two different accounts. One, my current Microsoft account to keep all my personal data synced with my other...
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    Windows Hello Goodbye

    I also noted a reduction in reliability with updates. But again, since the last ones, it has started working admirably again, like before. I did not re-train it, it improved on its own with the last updates.
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    Windows Hello Goodbye

    Mi experience is exactly the opposite. For me, Windows Hello is working fine. To be honest, it´s getting a bit worse with the last updates, but is still good enough. I only have to be careful not to have a bright light behind me, and it works very well, and very fast. I cannot imagine how fast...
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    How to protect your files in case of stolen/lost Surface?

    If you encrypt your Surface drives, your One Drive files will be stored in the cloud without encryption, and will be readily available to any device you want, provided you know your Microsoft account password. Well, that is if you are encrypting your device drives (which is the most usual way to...
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    I bought an iPad, might sell the SP4

    That´s exactly what I think. I´d like a bigger screen, but pixel density is already more than good enough. A 4K display in a 12-13" device does not provide nothing in terms of user experience, but exacerbates the Surface´s and Windows 10´s worst problems: battery life and Window´s inability to...
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    I bought an iPad, might sell the SP4

    Really? Where does that consensus come from? I would kill for a 13.5" Surface Pro 5 (yeah, I know about SB, but with a type cover would be more compact, and SB´s clipboard battery life is not enough), and this is the first time I read something about that.
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    Updated Firmware and Drivers - August 30, 2016

    That may be because most of us lucky enough to get that kind of battery life... simply do nothing special to achieve it, so there is nothing to answer about "how we do it". If I use my device for light tasks such a as reading with kindle, browsing with edge or watching YouTube in low...
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    Updated Firmware and Drivers - August 30, 2016

    Not here. I have been watching YouTube videos and web browsing for 3,8 hours now (one of them with maximum screen brightness) and used 50% battery. Right now, with Edge and minimum brightness it's draining battery at a rate of 12% every hour. I would call this, completely normal performance.
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    Updated Firmware and Drivers - August 30, 2016

    CPU throttling is back to normal after it was broken by Anniversary Update. My unit is already changing CPU speed dynamically and going back to 900 MHz when computing load is low, as it used to do. It was fixed at 1.5 GHz after AU. Didn´t have time to check battery life yet. Will see in the next...
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    Poll Surface Pro 4, a very expensive frustation

    I had exactly the same experience as you describe. My SP4 was extremely unstable, crashed almost constantly and nothing I did helped. Turned out I had a faulty unit. Microsoft replaced it for a new one in 96 hours and since then it has changed from the most frustrating and useless computer I...
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    Surface Pro 5 Discussion

    I really want a bigger screen. 12.3" is a bit tight for some of my work. And of course, better battery life. I know this is in conflict with bigger size, but would be great. Since the screen is already impressively sharp, I wouldn´t increase dpi. I don´t see the point in going 4-5K for a...
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    I bought an iPad, might sell the SP4

    I know this is an old thread, but I will comment anyway. I felt exactly the same way as the original poster with my first SP4. I thought my device was unstable because of all those problems with immature software and drivers so many people were complaining about. I also thought I should switch...
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    Should I upgrade to Anniversary?

    I have upgraded my SP4, my laptop and my desktop, and found no serious problems at all. Several close friends have also upgraded their systems with no problems either. The only bug I notice is that in my SP4, the processor does not throttle back to 900 MHz when in idle, but only to 1.5 Ghz...
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    On screen keyboard doesn't pop up since Anniversary update

    The same happened to me. Not really a bug, because nothing is broken. It´s simply deactivated after the update. Go to settings / devices / writing, and at the bottom of the page you will see your virtual keyboard settings. Activate the last option, should be something like "show virtual...
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    Possible bug-Anniv update SP4 and CPU

    I´ve checked, and it´s true. My SP4 now is always stuck at 1.5 GHz on battery no matter what I do (it used to go down to 0.9 GHz when used for light stuff). After some charge / dicharge cycles (I´ve been using my Surface heavily since the update) I have noticed a reduction in battery life. My...
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    Anniversary Update

    Thanks for your comment. I haven´t performed any benchmarks to confirm if it is any faster, and in normal use, I don´t have that impression. But it could well be true, since a lot of people are reporting that since the update, their CPUs don´t throttle down as expected. I´ve checked, and it´s...
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    Anniversary Update

    I got it yesterday, surprisingly early. Took about one and one half hours to install, maybe a bit less. It looked as if it had frozen at 14%, but I just went to do other things, and when I came back, it was already finishing. Be patient with it, It´s slow, but works. Mixed feelings with the...
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    Question about warranty (do i need invoice or just product serial number?

    It's enough with the serial number and Microsoft registration. I bought my SP4 to a particular in eBay (new in box, never opened, I personally broke all precincts) and turned out to be a faulty unit. Microsoft changed It for a new one in 96 hours. So, no need to worry about invoices, if you...
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    Hi From Malaysia

    Hello David. Wellcome to the forum (I´m new too). I hope your problems with your Surface are fixed with the replacement. Please report back when you have it. Same situation here. My first unit crashed badly ever so often. Since the SP4 has been so problematic almost for everyone from day one...
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    Hi from Spain

    Thanks for your reply. I folowed every tip and trick I found at this website, and my SP4 continued to be severely unstable. I came to suspect my unit had faulty hardware, so I asked Microsoft to change my unit for a new one. In just five days, I had a replacement with me. It is too soon to...

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