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  1. robocoffee

    SB slow wifi

    The link that was removed for whatever violation contained some useful workarounds that I have not found on this site. It is not ethical to cut and paste the article into here so it can be of help to people on this site so I can tell you where to search for it over on another site but I believe...
  2. robocoffee

    SB slow wifi

    I have been looking into this a little bit and came across one article that claims that having any USB3 device plugged in is hurting speed - I haven't been able to replicate this but I would recommend removing anything plugged into your USB port and running speed test before and after to see if...
  3. robocoffee

    SB slow wifi

    ...Also clear your cache before doing these tests - makes a difference.
  4. robocoffee

    Surface Book Wrap Options

    After becoming somewhat sure that I am not going to need to return my SB for any reason my thoughts turn to customizing / protecting my new daily driver. After doing way too much research I settle on based on the coverage of the skin. The downside was that they do not customize...

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