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    Surface Pro 2 Camera-Multi Shots?

    Reading the manual I understand the SP2 camera automatically takes several shots rather than just a single to allow you to choose the best. Mine doesn't do this. Do I need to change a setting somewhere?
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    MP3 Metadata Editor?

    Anyone know of a free RT app that allows you to edit the background information of MP3 files?
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    Sound Card Recorder?

    I have software on my laptop to record internet radio programmes and would also love to be able to do this via my Surface RT but so far cannot find a suitable app. Anyone know of anything?
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    email - selecting from 'People'list

    When clicking on the select people icon + at the side of the 'to' field. I only get to see a small selection of people in my overall list. It's the same people listed each time and the screen will not slide over to reveal anyone else. Does anyone else have this problem?

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