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    [GIVEAWAY] Surface with Windows RT

    i need it for my dad, whos wetab just broke
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    Messenger can't send anything

    Hey, this is a quite common problem on Surface RT since i ve seen it in a lot of forums by now, but never a good answer. My messnger tells me he can't send at the moment and i should try again later.... it worked for a while but now i have this since two days. i tried reboot, but did not...
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    What Does RT Stand For?

    really touchy
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    Battery indicator App

    has anyone found a good way to see remaining battery life in Windows RT yet? i mean i can only see the icon on the lock screen which gives like 0 information... Have i overseen something?
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    UMTS-Stick working?

    does anyone know if usb-umts-sticks are working on the Surface RT? have not found anything about it yet. Can anyone who posesses an umts-stick please try it for me?
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    i am a native, the spelling errors re a result of typos (wrote most of the post in a Tumblr App for RT which does not correct me) and my weakness in spelling (hell i don't know the english name for it)... But thank you for pointing them out to me, seems like i have to look the blog overon my...
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    Surface or touchscreen laptop

    do u have a laptop at the moment? If yes put windows 8 pro on it and use it without touchscreen. WIndows 8 will boost the speed a lot. You can still buy a Surface RT and get the awesome tablet feeling;) but i personnally dont think laptop with touchscreen is good since win( works great with...
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    Hi from Ireland

    setting up a vpn with windows board tools seems possible. but u cant connect to a cisco vpn with windows RT and not openvpn, too as far as i know...
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    hmmm yeah thats right it's all in german... is it readable through translator? Or do u recommend switching to english? Maybe i just write it both in english and in german... might be a good exercise for keeping my english skills up;)
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    Surface Case Reviews

    I bought this sleeve for my Eeepc long ago but found out that its nice for the surfece, too. The sleeve protects it form screatches, the outer pockets work great for adding the charger, an external 2,5" HDD and usb-cables. The...
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    RT APP recommendation

    I allways love these threats for Apps on Android etc. Rules are simple, post the 5 Apps u love most on Windows RT and explain what they do/ why others should use them, too. Maybe don't Post things like Office RT or Skype which are too obvious;) If the App ur recommend costs money please write...
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    Pocket app equivalent

    right now u can use "Latermark". It fully integrates with pocket and lokks quite fine. just search for it in the store
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    Hi, i'm a new Surface user from germany. Recived my Surface RT at the 2nd of November and playing around with it since then. Also i have a Desktop Workstation running Windows 8 Pro on three screens and a eeepc 1005pe with the release preview of Windows 8 installed. Devices i try/need to...

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