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    Messenger can't send anything

    Hey, this is a quite common problem on Surface RT since i ve seen it in a lot of forums by now, but never a good answer. My messnger tells me he can't send at the moment and i should try again later.... it worked for a while but now i have this since two days. i tried reboot, but did not...
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    Battery indicator App

    has anyone found a good way to see remaining battery life in Windows RT yet? i mean i can only see the icon on the lock screen which gives like 0 information... Have i overseen something?
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    UMTS-Stick working?

    does anyone know if usb-umts-sticks are working on the Surface RT? have not found anything about it yet. Can anyone who posesses an umts-stick please try it for me?
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    RT APP recommendation

    I allways love these threats for Apps on Android etc. Rules are simple, post the 5 Apps u love most on Windows RT and explain what they do/ why others should use them, too. Maybe don't Post things like Office RT or Skype which are too obvious;) If the App ur recommend costs money please write...
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    Hi, i'm a new Surface user from germany. Recived my Surface RT at the 2nd of November and playing around with it since then. Also i have a Desktop Workstation running Windows 8 Pro on three screens and a eeepc 1005pe with the release preview of Windows 8 installed. Devices i try/need to...

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