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  1. Uncensored2008

    Surface Pro 4 - wishlists!

    LTE is utterly irrelevant. This is like every other mobility device I own, attach to the most convenient hot spot, phone, jet pack, or wifi. I have no desire to have an LTE radio suck out my battery life.
  2. Uncensored2008

    Has the surface totally replaced your tablet?

    Yes, but more importantly it has replaced my laptop.
  3. Uncensored2008

    Few things holding me from pro2

    Adding to what Oion said; The mouse and bluetooth issue seems to be Windows 8.1 related, meaning drivers. People with the same hardware started having issues after upgrading from 8 to 8.1 My Surface Pro has never taken more than 2 hours to charge. I don't know on the SP2, since I don't have it...
  4. Uncensored2008

    8.1 Bricked my Pro.

    I set security rights to all users at the root level, and this got most of the software working. VPN is still dead.
  5. Uncensored2008

    Surface Pro GUI Performance???

    With Microsoft, one step forward and two steps back is the norm. If you have noticed, there are nearly daily updates to 8.1 - these patches will address problems such as the one you described, and over the next 6 months 8.1 will become as stable as 8.0 was.
  6. Uncensored2008

    Windows 8.1 question

    On the Pro side, IE real Windows, has anyone seen anything superior in 8.1 over 8.0? All it's done for me is screw up my software.
  7. Uncensored2008

    Bluetooth mouse will MURDER your WIFI speed!

    It's because WiFi and Bluetooth share a common radio on the pro. The old drivers obviously did well at segregating the signals, the new ones, not so much.
  8. Uncensored2008

    8.1 Bricked my Pro.

    Not literally, but functionally. The upgrade to Windows 8.1 has caused all of my important programs to stop functioning. I suspect it is security related, but the majority of corporate software, including the VPN client, Citrix Xenapp, and the company ERP no longer will run. It was the...
  9. Uncensored2008

    If you were starting over...

    I'd buy one in a second. The Surface Pro is the finest piece of hardware I've ever owned - hands down. The longer I use it, the more I love it. My poor Alienware collects dust, the Pro is that good.
  10. Uncensored2008

    Microsoft Must Write-Down Almost $1 Billion on Surface RT Flop

    The problem is that Microsoft again released a sub-standard product that detracts from a solid product. The RT with a scaled down OS and sluggish performance served only taint the late arriving Surface Pro - which is a great product. My concern is that the fiasco of the RT will kill the Pro, to...
  11. Uncensored2008

    Imagine : If the Surface Pro had been built by Apple

    ROFL; What a classic article.
  12. Uncensored2008

    Surface Pro has VERY good battery life - around 6 hours for me.

    I've got to call BS on this. I run the SP every single day with my charger at home. An hour train ride in, running Netflix the whole way. All day with sporadic use in meetings - about 1 to 2 additional hours of use. Then another hour train ride home - running Netflix the whole way...
  13. Uncensored2008

    Surface Pro has VERY good battery life - around 6 hours for me.

    Cheaper, and saves battery life. On the Pro, this is important.
  14. Uncensored2008

    Office for Surface Pro

    I'm running 2013 on my desktop with duel 27" displays. I've not noticed any issues with fonts. $10 a month is $120 a year, or $240 for the average life cycle. A great deal - for Microsoft. It's a pretty crappy deal for the average consumer.
  15. Uncensored2008

    Office for Surface Pro

    Office 2010 runs flawlessly and is mostly good with just touch. A few menus are hard to access, but those are rare. Even without a keyboard, Office 2010 runs nicely.
  16. Uncensored2008

    Steam games won't play :-(

    That's pretty common with Steam.
  17. Uncensored2008

    Anand pimps out the Surface Pro

    I would never do this to my machine, but it's fun to see what others can pull off - or fail at. One thing this shows is that the home user can't really do any upgrades.
  18. Uncensored2008

    Anand pimps out the Surface Pro

    With a 256GB SSD. They strip a 64GB model and put in the large drive. Very cool. AnandTech | Microsoft Surface Pro mSATA SSD Upgrade: Dangerous but Successful
  19. Uncensored2008

    How to make the Surface Pro a killer product

    5 hours of battery life on an I5 machine with 4gb DDR3 and a 1080P display is phenomenally good. I view those who would cast derision on it to be ignorant.
  20. Uncensored2008

    Surface Screen Angle

    The Surface Pro has the best viewing angle range of any tablet I've encountered. Where iPad and even my Galaxy would experience issues from odd angles, virtually any viewing angle is good on the SP. Flat on the table, vertical, 45°, etc. all work well.

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